At Midnight, The Dancing Began

Thanks to some devoted fans on the Fairy Tale Novel forum holding a midnight release party, I actually did an official release of The Midnight Dancers on Lulu at 11:58 EST a few hours ago.

So it's here! Click here to get it on Lulu! I hope you all enjoy it!


Elenatintil said…
I'll say again..."Hurrah!"

It was so much fun to wait until midnight for this! I would definately do it again for the next one!
Alexandra said…
My sister got the whole series at the IL homeschool conference so we were able to read The Midnight Dancers "ahead of time". It was different than the other books, but it was a good different! I just read The Shadow of the Bear yesterday, my 3rd reading it, and my sister and I said that we can just keep reading your books because it is seriously like watching a movie! Thank you for writing such good and wholesome books!
God bless,
Anonymous said…
I read the first pages on Lulu and they were amazing! I can't believe I have to wait to read the rest of the book.
~ Mary
Anonymous said…
I just ordered it! *shrieks* I'm SOOO excited!!!!
Anonymous said…
YAY! Can't wait to read it!

Will you be writing a novel based off of Beauty and the Beast? Just wondering :)
regina doman said…
Hi Minni-mo,
No, as I've said in other places, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella are two fairy tales I don't feel drawn to redoing -- at least, not yet. I think that others have done pretty good modern versions of them already. Thanks for asking though!
Anonymous said…
YAY!! I already ordered it, and I should get it today or tomorrow!! I can't wait!

I know you're not planning to write a novel based on Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast, but do you plan on writing any other Fairy-tale based novels?
God bless
Delaney said…
Narnia-Gal - there's going to be a Rumpelstiltskin books that takes place between Black As Night and Waking Rose; and a book about Alex and Kateri based on Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. :D

It came in the mail today! That was fast. Way to go, LuLu! :)
Anonymous said…
wait delaney are you serious??? how did you find that out?? that is sooo awesome!!!

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