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Beginning Culture Recovery

Several years ago, I experienced a sharp longing for a more unified life. I was in the throes of welcoming new technology into my home, hoping it would help harness the countless needs of my business and growing family, but instead of the promised simplicity and streamlining, I began to feel my life fragmenting. Every woman wears many hats, but my differing identities began to clash and shatter, and I no longer felt whole. I found the maintenance of a virtual online identity was far more interesting than my non-electronic one, and the real-life self began to wither. Since that real-life self was the one who wrote novels and mothered children and was married to my husband, I grew alarmed. These journals, which I began in 2016 and begin publishing today, are the fruit of my self-diagnosis. Not only was I fragmented, but I discovered our culture was fragmented, and those fragments had begun to polarize at a disturbing clip. I began questioning how I could knit them back together, pictur…

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