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Building Creative Coalitions in a Polarized Culture

I gave this talk this past summer to a group of Catholic writers gathered for the Catholic Writer’ GuildLive Conference in August of 2018. To find out more about the Catholic Writers' Guild, click here.
I’m by nature an agreeable person. As the oldest of ten strong-minded children, I’ve had to learn to be even more agreeable to get anything done. Even though I have strong ideas of my own, Catholic family life taught me how to get along with those with whom I strongly disagreed. Even after we each, by the grace of God, had our respective conversions, this didn’t mean that we suddenly saw eye-to-eye on everything. Even today, we dearly love each other but we disagree. I am saying this to eliminate the wishful thinking of, “If my sister would just convert, then surely she would agree with me!” “If my brother would just follow Church teaching I’d find it so much easier to get along with him!” I have news for you: it just might not work that way. Having Church teaching on your side no …

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