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Why Catholic Fiction? (2014)

AFTER OVER FIFTEEN YEARS in the business of creating and publishing Catholic fiction, I've found there are generally three questions I get asked when people find out what I do. 1) Catholic Fiction? What's that? As an editor who's worked for three different Catholic publishers, here's how I define it.  Catholic fiction is that fiction which is generally about Catholic characters, dealing with themes or issues that Catholic audiences want to hear about, generally written by Catholic authors for a Catholic audience.   It's fiction that Catholics can call their own, fiction that they feel resonates with them.  Yes, it's a specific audience, but one that I think has been under-served, especially Catholic teens. Here are a few things I've learned about this Catholic audience: They are very diverse, are at different places in their faith, but in general, they tend to read the best of what the secular culture puts out.  They don't have brand loyalty to Catholici…

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