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Free talk: No Matter What Happens, Blessed Be His Name

Thanks so much to those of you who've reached out to me on Joshua's anniversary. It means very much. The one thing that has helped me deal with my own grief more than anything else is helping those who are also grieving. In that spirit, I decided to post a very old version of the talk I gave about losing Joshua, "No Matter What Happens, Blessed Be His Name." I'm posting it as a free download on my website (you can log in as a guest to download it).  It's not the best quality audio, and I'll try to replace it with a better one if I can find it. 
I grouped it together with a few other grieving resources in a new category on my website: the handout of the blog post on 20 Things You Can Do For Those Who Grieve (made into a 4 page printable) and the story I wrote for my own children which Ben Hatke kindly illustrated, The Story of Job. I hope this will make it easier to find.
Relevant Radio will be interviewing me on these topics this coming Tuesday August 6 o…

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