Which Fairy Tales Will Become Novels Next?

Because I'm getting a lot of new readers, I thought it would be a good idea to recap some questions previously answered in the comments boxes on the blog and on the FAQ pages of the Fairy Tale Novels Site.

One question that is I've been hearing a lot is this one by Minni Mo:

I was wondering what fairty tale the next(there will be more right?!) novel will be based off of?What princess stories do you plan on doing in the future? Will you be doing only Grimm brother fairy tales?

So I thought I'd give a summary of where things stand right now. As I've said in the comments boxes, right now my immediate plans are to work on one of these two tales:

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
For some time I've had a novel sketched out about the further adventures of Alex O'Donnell and Kateri Kovach (both introduced in Waking Rose) based on this fairy tale. It would be the first story I'd tackle that's not in Grimm's collection. I can't say much about this book, mainly because I haven't written it yet, :) but I have revealed that it's about Alex's dad's misadventures with computers. Stay tuned for more on Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Hackers! (working title)

For those of you who really want to know what Fish was doing in the years between Black as Night and Waking Rose, this book should shed some light. While Fish is studying at a state university, he discovers that a top scholar, an international student (tentatively named Helene) is being blackmailed by an anonymous man. I've only written sections of this book, but I have to say it looks to be a dark, creepy book, which is sort of appropriate for Rumplestilskin, which is (like Snow White) a rather dark story, all things considered.

As for other fairy tales, I have a few others planned out about which I wish to be coy for now. I might even start mining the King Arthur stories and the Adventures of Robin Hood.

However, I will say that I have no plans to turn either Cinderella or (sorry) Beauty and the Beast into fairy tale novels.

Why? I love both fairy tales, but honestly, they've been done as modern stories over and over and over again, sometimes quite well, and I don't think I'd have anything more to add. That's the basic reason why. I'd rather illuminate the more obscure ones than plow again through well-worked soil. But who knows? Some day I might get an idea about one of them.

Thanks for the question!


Anonymous said…
I'm a new reader and I just finished 'The Midnight Dancers' today. All I can say is I can hardly wait for your next book! Thank you for writting such awesome books!
Anonymous said…
Yay! Now I'm REALLY excited :)

oh, and I was also wondering when the next JP2 book will be published?


~A Fan From Michigan :)
Elenatintil said…
Hey Regina...

If you ever do decide to dig into the Robin Hood legends, I'd be happy to help you do some research. At some point I intend to publish a fictional work that draws from the best of all the stories, so I have a collection of differant well underway.

Rose Marchen said…
Oh no! Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Hackers is only the working title! I hope you keep it! I love it!

Hmm, Adventures of Robin Hood.. that would be neat! Hey! Since Robin Hood and Marian are married in those... you could do a Fish and Rose story after they are married!
Anonymous said…
Yeah - I really want another book on Fish and Rose! I hope you consider it. I'm a fanatical fairytale fan of theirs!
Elenatintil said…
But Lady Rose, what about Kateri's family? Regina has already compared them to Robin Hood's band!
Anonymous said…
Rose! I love your Idea! You must do King Arthur, Regina! I love that story, though could you do it back then? I'd like to read something of yours that's not set in the present day, I think you'd be quite good at it :)
Anonymous said…
I think the little mermaid would also be a good one. But instead of the main charachter's problem being the fact that the girl is a mermaid and the guy is a human, it could be something about different social backrounds or family feuds. I dunno, I think that would be kinda cool!

Emma K.
regina doman said…
Minni Mo -
Look for the next John Paul 2 High book, "Vengeance, Sort Of" at Christmastime!
Sarah said…
I saw something about "Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Hackers" on the forum, but this is my first time hearing about Rumplestilskin... This one sounds REALLY intriguing. I love the dark creepy parts of your books. And who doesn't want to hear more about Fish! :]
Anonymous said…
Will you possibly be doing any books on Fish and Rose later on? I hope so!
Anonymous said…
I think I asked this on the MD question board, but it applies here too. Will you perhaps be doing a book on Debbie and/or Melanie? They were my favorite charectors from MD and I think that they could/should have really neat stories.
Peace and Joy!!

Anonymous said…
YAY!!!! This just made my day!
regina doman said…
Yes, like I said on the forum (or at least I think I said it...) I hope to do a book on Debbie and on Melanie too!
Anonymous said…
*faint's from happiness*
Anonymous said…
Yes, please write more about Rose and Fish...and Blanche and Bear. I just finished Waking Rose; it was one of the best books I've ever read. Thank you so much for providing such wholesome yet totally intriguing literature. I am seventeen and I can honestly say that there are no books that have come under my radar that in anyway compare to the blend of adventure, faith, chivalry, virtue, mystery, and enjoyment as your works procure! NEVER stop writing. If you did I don't think I could go one living...just kidding. But, seriously, even if I have to come and babysit your family I will! Anything to keep up this wholesome endeavor that is a candle in the genre of modern fiction from extingusihing!!!!

Oh, and could you maybe KEEP writing them in modern times. It is so much easier to realate to and become attached to the characters. They would seem distant and unreal if it was in an older era. That's what I love--your characters deal with the same problems and pressures we do! They help me so much to see that there is hope for my generation and they motivate me to imitate their virtues.

Keep writing! God bless you and your work. I am praying for you!
Anonymous said…
I think that doing the fairy tales in their original setting would destroy part of what makes your stories so unique and plausible. Plus, they have been told that way soooo many times. I really appreciate the fresh twist that you give your books by placing them in the current time period.
Anonymous said…
Ms. Doman,
I just want to say THANK YOU for writing such wonderful books! About last year I was getting very tired of either reading books where the protagonist has questionable morals, or reading the same books over and over that were actually ok. Then I found The Shadow of the Bear, and it was a perfect match! I could relate so well to the characters (homeschooling, swing dancing, poetry).I loved Black as Night, Waking Rose, and the Midnight Dancers, and I definitely can't wait to see what you write next!!!
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for them!! They both sound really interesting! I'm so glad that i FINALLY found a good book to read!! I recently read the twilight series and i must say it's refreshing to read something like your books after reading something like that! Thanks so much!! Oh, and by the way, I've passed ALL of your books around to my family and friends and got them equally excited about them!
Christine said…
I just finnished reading The Midnight Dancers and loved it! I have read all for books and loved them!Thank you so much Mrs. Doman for writing them! I agree that Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Hackers would be a great book(and funny). I also think you should write more books on Fish. I hope you write more of these books! God Bless.
Anonymous said…
I would LOVE to read a book about Rose and Fish, and what comes about after they are married, with their nephew included too!

I absolutely ADORE your books! thank you so much for writing good quality, exciting, adventurous, and romantic books, with the character's faith being such an important part in their life!

I really like the way you had Fish visit the chapel so often in "Waking Rose".
Anonymous said…
ok, i must say that another book about fish/rose (or even just fish) would be absolutely amazing!!!!! fish and rose are (undoubtedly) my FAVE characters. i can relate to rose a lot, and fish is just so.....perfect!!!!!!

that being said, a book about robin hood (the kovachs) would also be cool......and alex's story.....i LOVED alex in WR. yeah, paul got his story!!!!! it's alex's turn!!!!

frankly, i just really really really really really really really (etc) hope that whatever book u write nxt comes out soon, b/cuz your books are sooooooooooooooooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Regina, I love your books. It is refreshing to find a young adult novel that is for Catholics. I hope they become more well-known.

Anonymous said…
I love the Arabian Nights!! And I think something with Alex would be amazing!

Do you think you'll ever do another book about the Durham girls? Just curious. ; )

Anonymous said…
I love all your fairy tale novels! I cant wait till you write another! I have read all of them 3 or so times.

Anonymous said…
I'm a Catholic homeschooler who absaloutly loves your books!!! I was just wondering (if you were going to write a book about Robin Hood) how you were going to deal with the theme "steal from the rich to give to the poor." Just wondering.

veiled_princess said…
I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! My mother ordered me Black as night and as soon as I got I read it and wouldn't put it down I finished it and got on your website and saw that there was more I ordered the rest of them, when they come ,lets just say I was in fairytale heaven and my family didn't see me for like 2 days. I think that it would be a good idea to go back in time and write a book about Rose and Blanche's Mother and how she meet thier dad and stuff. I'm not to sure what fairytale you could use with that though.
Anonymous said…
When writing your books, how long does it usually take you to write them. I was just wondering, because I love to write, but it seems I have writer's block more frequently then I should. Please pray for me!
Anonymous said…
I know your books are mostly geared for girls, but I have a fellow homeschooling friend (who's not a girl) that thinks you are one of his favorite authors. Just to let you know how importent that is, he considers J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, and Brian Jacques "the classics" as well as his favorite authors.

Thanks for writing such good wholsome books for teens. We need that insperation in such a dark world. Keep up the good work!
God Bless! - Mariel Rose
regina doman said…
I will pray for you! My first book took ten years from the time I first had the idea (in high school) to the time the book was actually published. So persevere! The Midnight Dancers only took me five years to do, so I'm getting faster. ;)
May God bless your writing,
Elizabeth said…
Rumplestilskin would be a great book for Fish! Fish and Rose are my favorites. Especially Rose. <3
I need to read WR again. I think that's my fave out of the four. That then MD'S. I love all of them!! God bless!
Ivy said…
Dear Regina -

I just finished reading "The Shadow of the Bear" today...oh my goodness I LOVED it! I wish it had been 5 times as long, it went by too fast, I finished it in one afternoon! ;) One really cool thing for me was how much Blanche and Rose are like my sister and me! I'm like Blanche - rather paranoid, I think a lot, if I went to school (I'm homeschooled and very happy for that!) I would certainly be a loner! I'm also small with pale skin and long dark hair. My sister is like an introverted version of Rose - very confident and fearless! She also has red hair! I really like Blanche and Bear...they're my favorites as of this book. Your books are so inspiring...I hope you keep writing and writing and writing!

I also write...I've written a book and I'm hoping to get it published. I'm 16. If you would possibly have time to read it, it would be wonderful if you could! But I know that you are very busy with your writing and your family. :)

So I just wanted to tell you thank you for writing such wonderful books, and I am super SUPER excited to read the rest, both the written and the unwritten ones!

God bless you!

Bernadette S. said…
Ivy - I just wanted to tell you that I think it's great that you like writing too. I'm also 16, and I haven't finished the books I've started, but I hope to get them published once I do. So good luck + keep writing!

Regina, I love the title: Alex O'Donnel and the 40 Hackers, I know it's only a working title, but personally I think it's really good.

Thank you for all of the books; I hope to see lots more. :-)

Bernadette S.
Unknown said…
Hi Regina:

I love your books. My favorite characters are Fish and Rose. You had mentioned that you might write a story based on the Robin Hood Adventures. I think that that would be perfect for Rose and Fish. Some "after they're married adventures" with the Sacra Cor guys as maybe the merry men. Just a thought. God Bless.

Mary Thomas
Unknown said…
Ah, Ivy, it appears to me that we're loners! :D I, too am like Blanche, and I L-O-V-E LOVE Bear!

Thank you, Regina, for writing these books!!!! Good luck on Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Hackers! Alex was my favorite of the Cor Guys. Excepting Leroy!!!! Please write one for him one of these years!!!!!!! :)

I haven't read The Midnight Dancers, yet, but I can't wait to get it !!! I read Waking Rose last year in July and I've been eager to read Midnight Dancers since then. I just have to get my Dad to order it for me! (I don't have a credit card or anything.) ;)

Again I say, Thank You! Thank you! Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
Hi! I just wanted to say that I really love your books and I can't wait for the next one. It may be a little weird for me to like them, since I'm not catholic or even christian, but I do belong to another religion and can still 'get" most of the things in your books. plus i have a great catholic friend who is always willing to explain things to me. Thanks for writing such awesome books!
Unknown said…
I absolutely LOVE your books....ou HAVE to write MUCH more about Fish and Rose. I LOVE those two! Married adventures would be cool, especially when Rose said that she always brought more adventures on him!!!!!
-fan from NJ!!
The Bad Wolf said…
I'm so excited! I loved the first four and was hoping for another! The idea of turning fairy tales into modern adventures was something I tried once, but couldn't get it working...so, you've made something I've been waiting to see! Nice job Mrs. Doman!
Cimorine said…
HUZZAH!!! I read all your books at lightning speed (and I must say they are amazingly refreashing. They remind me that my faith is real, so much so that I have taken to some of Rose's Catholic College practices). I was actually thinking a lot about Opus dei, too. You might want to look into it as an addition for your books (not that you need to. :) whatevery you do I'm very happy with). Just a minor suggestion. Keep writing. Love your books. every one.

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