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Many of you blog readers know Elenatintil, or Elizabeth, as the gracious moderator who runs the Fairy Tale Novel Forum. She posted a review of The Midnight Dancers on her blog (she was one of the proofreaders) and I was really honored by what she said. Here's some snippets:

...Like the other fairy tale novels, this story brilliantly combines the familiar of the everyday with the enchantment of extraordinary happenings. Unlike the other books, however, there is more depth and less mystery, which makes a story that is more thought-provoking, though no less engaging.

What Paul understands is that the girls flee to the darkness because they have not been introduced to the beauty of the light. The restrictions of their parents (and church) have left them with little to occupy their time... Without things to interest them and occupy their time in an engaging way, the girls become bored and turn to other, more dangerous things for amusement...
This book, though lacking some of the action of the earlier novels, should be in no way counted as inferior. In fact, about halfway through reading it, I stopped and said to myself "this is brilliant." The problem with books today is that many authors don't seem to be able to combine an intriguing storyline with ideas to ponder without turning it into a sermon or coming off as cliché. "The Midnight Dancers", however, is both light and depth, adventure and wisdom. The story doesn't stop when the ideas enter- the ideas propel the story. Click here to read more!

BTW if any of you who've read the book want to place a review on Lulu, please do! Thank you in advance!


Elenatintil said…
Wow- thanks for posting this! I feel very honored!
Rose Marchen said…
Great review Elena!

BTW, Regina, my mom wrote a review for Midnight Dancers as well! Her blog:
eijtaeojoaehoj said…
Proud of you Big Sis! Made it to Regina's Blog! :)

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