Midnight Dancers Reviewed on Homeschooling With Joy!

At the Illinois Catholic Homeschool Conference I was pleased to meet the Dominick family. The mother, Laura, has posted a great review of The Midnight Dancers. Check this out, especially if you're a mom wondering about whether or not to get this book for your young teen (I will say as the author that the book is really not for pre-teens).


Benedict Girl said…
I hope as many parents get this book for their teens as possible! I haven't read it yet but I'm going to! Especially if they're as good as the last three. Thanks so much for these wonderful stories! They have made me think more about what I should be like as a teen, honestly. I hope to be half as great an author as you some day.

Love in Christ,
Anonymous said…
Just to clarify, when you say preteens do you mean girls under thirteen? Because I've heard the term preteens used for 13 and 14 yearolds as well.
regina doman said…
I meant 12 and under. Thanks for asking me to clarify!

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