Obscure Fairy Tales: Snow White and Rose Red

I love this story. I think it's even better than its more-famous counterpart. Except that if you look at it a little too closely, it kind of doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Okay, fine, even if you look at it from a mile away, the narrative is a total mess. But who cares? It has a talking bear! Talking bears are always good!

My husband found this very funny commentary on the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red" by author Sarah Beth Durst, author of Into the Wild and Out of the Wild.

In the course of her research for her fantasy novels, Ms. Durst started noting and commentating on obscure fairy tales. Check out her post on my favorite fairy tale. Here's an excerpt:

One day in the woods, the girls find a dwarf with his beard stuck in a crevice of a tree. He cries to them for help. To free him, they cut off a bit of his beard. He shouts at them, "You uncouth hooligans! How dare you cut my beautiful beard!"

The famous Snow White has Sleepy, Dopey, and Sneezy. This Snow-White has Fussy. I'm rather fond of Fussy Dwarf. Read more...


Benedict Girl said…
I love reading your blog first of all but I was wondering if you could help me with something. My sister and I are on a DYC in Vermont and we are puting on a YLC (Youth Leadership Congress). Anyway, my sister and I are to talk about Mary the Evangelist. This talk will only be about five minutes long but we don't really know how to aproach this way of looking at Mary. Don't get me wrong, I Love Mary and have a devotion to her, but I have always looked at her more like the Greatest MOM in the cosmose. How is she an evangelist really? My youth-ministry-cordinator said "Now you guys have to do a good job on this. Even though it's only five minutes, this is going to be the intro. for the day." I want to do Mary justice so I was wondering if you could clue me in?
Thanks A Bunch!
Anonymous said…
This post is amazing! I loved reading the comentary on Snow White and Rose Red. It, and some of the comments, especially one about a bear and a spa, are priceless! I was laughing so hard, and would recommend anyone who likes fairy tales to read it. :-)

Joanna F.
regina doman said…
Hi Bridge!
Glad you enjoy the blog. I guess I would say that in some ways Mary was the greatest of the prophets. The prophets brought the words of God to the people: Mary brought the Word of God to the people. And like Elijah and Moses she was assumed into heaven (according to Jewish traditions Moses was assumed into heaven even though the Bible says he died and God buried him. How God "buried" someone is open to interpretation).

Anyhow, also Mary is the Bride of the Holy Spirit, and the whole purpoes of the Holy Spirit is to bring people to Jesus Christ. So Mary helps Him in that. Her last words on earth were "Do whatever He tells you." But in her apparitions to different visionaries, she has definitely acted as an evangelist, bringing people to Christ even in modern times such as in the visions at Fatima and Rwanda. And at Guadalupe in America, Mary can take e large amount of credit for bringing South America and central America to Christ! (Warren Carroll says that the amount of Native Americans that came to the Catholic Church via the apparitions at Guadalupe were the equivalent of the first Pentecost (3000 people baptized) every day for ten years: amazing. Do some research on those if you want!

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