Will the Old Covers Ever Return?

Someone asked me this in the comments box below, and this is another question I've occasionally gotten:

I have a question? Will the "old" covers of the Shadow of the Bear and Black as Night ever be available? Just wondering, because I wanted to buy a couple for gifts and I prefer the old covers.

The answer is: very sorry, but no. The old covers (both created by Rose Sharpe, btw) are owned by Bethlehem Books, so I couldn't use them even if I wanted to. I know that some of you preferred the old covers, but I know that many others had complaints about them. We have no plans to go back to the old covers, and we don't even have any of them left to sell in our cache (I *do* have a stash of the original yellow hardcovers, but I'm saving them to give to my grandchildren! They're not for sale!).

So... right now you can still get copies of The Shadow of the Bear from Bethlehem (click here to order). But once they are out of theirs, that means that the Bethlehem covers will be officially collectibles! :)

If you want a copy of the book with the old covers, the good news is that you can find them "new and used" on Amazon.com. I just checked now, and according to Amazon today (click to view and buy):

The Shadow of the Bear is still in stock, with 32 new and used copies available.

Black as Night is out of stock, but there are 3 new and used copies available.

And for real diehards
there are 11 used and new copies available of the original hardcover, Snow White and Rose Red: A Modern Fairy Tale.

But when I said the Bethlehem Books were collectibles now, I was serious. Even though this is incredible to me, according to Amazon, the highest price for a used hardcover of the original book is $158.60, with the only new copy going for $75.00.

And someone is selling their used copy of Black as Night for $85.80. Yikes! Better grab those other two copies while you can!

Honestly, I have no idea why some copies have shot up in price this way. I guess I just don't understand the used book market!

But before you buy any high-priced copies of Black as Night, first check out Emmanuel Books, which has the very last copies of Black as Night in stock that we know about. We sold the last box of books to them. You can get them for $11.95, the original price. And it looks as as though there are enough nice new copies of The Shadow of the Bear on Amazon.com for about $7-$8 so those of you who are searching for Christmas presents. (And you know, it might be a good investment for your giftee if that $7 copy starts selling for $80 a few years from now...)

Oh, if any booksellers reading this post have new copies of the old books in stock, let me know and I'll be happy to point readers towards you.

To deal with one final question:

Are you planning on having a drawn cover of Waking Rose that matches the Bethelehm Books covers so I can have a matched set?

... again, sadly, the answer is no. Unless another publisher picks up the book and changes the cover, the cover of Waking Rose that is available now is the only cover we plan to have.

We also can't get the book printed in the original sizes either (that was another question). Now Lulu offers a slightly smaller size, but it's not the same as the original covers. Our only choices are the 6x9 Novel size (which we are using), a 5.75 x 8.7" size, and pocket paperback size (which ironically is more expensive because it's more pages!).

But we do plan to publish the upcoming books (The Midnight Dancers, Alex and K's book, Fish's other book) in the same size and with the same format as the first three books. I know this is very important to readers! So, eventually, you *will* have a matching set -- if you start collecting the self-published versions!


Anonymous said…
Oh! *starts doing some bedroom planning* So, my sister and I can have a Narnia shelf on one wall, an Oz shelf on another, and a Fairy Tale Novels shelf on another once we get all matching copies! It will be amazing. :D

Too bad my sister doesn't believe in furniture. ;)

By the way, Regina, this sister of mine and I are working on a fan site for your books. :) This is our first time attempting such a thing, and we're very new to HTML. So it could take us a while to get it onto the internet. But as soon as we do get it on the internet, we'll show you! I just thought you might like to know. :)

(I can't remember why matching sets of books reminded me of fan sites...)

regina doman said…
I would totally love to see it when you have it finished! Thanks for letting me know!
Anonymous said…
A fan site! WOW! I can't wait!

Thank's Regina for posting about this topic, I was wondering the same thing. Okay, so my set will be unmatching, but if I give it to anyone else, which I definatly will (I wish my cousins were just a little bit older!) they will have a matching set. I think I will do some bedroom planning too, LOTR over here, Redwall over there, Fairy Tale novel series over here... (Delaney,I am truly sorry your sister doesn't believe in furniture. Is she older than you?)
You know, I think I know who asked the question about the covers... (Miss Fish, was that you?) (Don't ask how she got that name!)

God Bless!

Ps. If you REALLY want to know, I'll tell you.
PPs. And if you REALLY want to know how I got mine, I'll tell you that too.
Anonymous said…
This is all very interesting. I'll be hanging on to all my old books!

Anyway, I personally like the larger size of the new editions of the books. They sit nicely in the lap and stand out invitingly on the bookshelf. The old covers were nice, but the new cover of Black as Night is so much better than the old one! I like Bear's outline on the back of the book and the bullet hole in the mirror. :) I'm saving up for the hardcover copies. For me, they're worth the investment. :) ~Mae
P.S. I don't know about everyone else, but Lady Rose, I REALLY want to know how you and "Miss Fish" got your nicknames!
RED said…
I like the size of the newer editions better too. I find the old version Black as Night hard to read sometimes because of the size (a bit strange, I know). The size of my new Waking Rose is absolutely perfect.
Anonymous said…
I can't wait until this fan site is done! That will be great!! let us know as soon as it's ready won't you?!

Yeah, i would like to know how "Miss Fish" and "Lady Rose" got their nicknames too!!
Anonymous said…
I would really like to know how "Lady Rose" and "Miss Fish" got their nicknames too...

I do like the old covers a bit better, but regarding our families' set, we have the first version of each of the books! :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, it was me. How did you know? ;o)
I will let Lady Rose tell the story of the nicknames, though there isn't much to it...
Thanks for the tip about the covers. ;o)
I would love to see a drawn cover for Waking Rose. Can you consider it?
Anonymous said…
Cool! A fan site would be awesome! I'll be keeping my old covers for sure, but I'm going to have to look into getting a matching set of hardcovers. That would be a really nice addition to my book collection! Lady Rose, I would also love to know how you and "Miss Fish" got your nicknames! Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
I remember writing and asking you about making sure that the books would be congruent in design so that I could finally have a matching set. Thank you so much. It drives me up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other side when I have bookcases filled with mismatched books in a series. Soon as I have cash, I plan to buy the "Snow White and Rose Red" trilogy in hardcover. I am currently unable to do so because I have used my spending money on copies of "Waking Rose" to give as gifts.

However, I plan to hold onto my old copies because I like to see the subtle variations that you made from the old hardcover to Shadow of the Bear and from Black as Night to the new soft-cover.

"Truth is beauty, and beauty is truth; that is all you know on earth and all you need to know."
regina doman said…
Miss Fish -- sorry, no, I probably won't ever do a drawn cover for Waking Rose. It would cost too much (several hundred), plus I really don't like the drawn covers enough to make the investment.
Anonymous said…
I ADORE the drawn covers!!!!!!!!!!! It was part of the magic of the Bethlehem books covers that made me want to read the books...
Anonymous said…
Okay, here is how we got our nicknames.
Our real names are Amanda and Veronica, and we e-mail each other a lot, so after I read Waking Rose, I started to sign my name as "Rose". (Also my confirmation name.)
I then decided that V needed a nickname too, so I started suggesting a bunch of different ones. There is a Sister Veronica in the book, but since all she does is answer the phone once, we ditched that idea.
Than we hit on "Fish". Everyone knows that Fish's real name is Benedict, or, Ben. Well, in play that we both were in the past spring, Veronica was a boy who's name just happened to be Ben. (side note, some people still call her that, and she doesn't like it.)
So after a while of going back and forth, she finally decided to be Fish, and I tacked on the "Miss" to make it sound a bit more feminine.

Epilouge: I think that name is going to stick for a long time. I have slightly modified it to "Miss Fishy".

And as to how I knew it was Miss Fish, we had a conversation about the book topic and she wondered aloud almost exactly what she wrote in the comment to Regina. Doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figures that one out!

I think I will buy the new covers of SotB and BaN, along with WR, but I definately plan on keeping my old copies.

I hope everyone who was wondering about the nicknames is satisfied!

God Bless Y'all!

(Lol) I just realized something. In the play mentioned above, (called "Remember Me"), the main character's name was (drum roll please...) Rose! (No, I did not play her.) That is soooo funny! (Sorry, but I am really cracking up about that one!) And Miss Fish is probably wondering why it took me so long to realize that, (unlesss she hasn't either!) :)
Anonymous said…
Ooh, does this mean I'm on the radio? I don't want to post my name or where I live on the web, but I was the voice of the very small role of Lauren on the drama. I said the line about not being able to get an A in the class without being Shakespeare, in Episode Two. You can also here me in the general hubbub before the literature class, ad-libbing the line 'Sister Geraldine's class is such a drag.' It was so much fun - but I definitely would have said my lines differently now. A bit more of that nasty attitude all those jerks at St. Catherine's have. I am so grateful for homeschooling! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Lady Rose! I'm satisfied. And the modification fits (Miss Fishy). Don't forget the part in Black as Night when Fish & Bear meet Jean and Rose at the airport and Rose greets Fish as "Fishy!"
Anonymous said…
thanks "Lady Rose" for letting us all know!! I was wondering how you guys came to nicknames as that!!

That's a shame about the cover's, I really liked the Bethlehem cover of Shadow of the Bear, i thought that was a really cool cover.

The Shadow of the Bear on the radio sounds great, I wish I could here it! unfortunately, I can't..I'm from Australia!

Is there anywhere else we can possible hear them??
Anonymous said…
Yes, I remember! That is part of the reason I "modified" it!

One thing about the new covers, I think that they (especially the first one) will make the books look more 'appealing' to say, kids who only read not very good books. (Like, my cousins.) I can't wait to start giving them copies!

God Bless!
regina doman said…
Anonymous in Australia - you should be able to listen to the audio dramas on the web via streaming audio on the Ave Maria site. Check the link we posted.
Anonymous said…
Whoops I posted about the audio drama in the wrong spot. Sorry!
Anonymous said…
Darn, I also LOVED the Bethlehem Books cover, especially for Shadow of the Bear.
Thanks "Lady Rose" for explaining about your nicknames. I am quite satisfied. I also like the "modification" of Miss Fishy!
Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
ok thankyou very much Regina.
the anonymous from Australia!
Anonymous said…
Is there (or will there be) hardcover editions of the Snow White/ Rose Red trilogy? I like hardcover editions myself. (So do my sisters, I am always on to them about holding my paperbacks open too far; I can't stand the lines down the binding!)

God Bless Y'all!
Anonymous said…
I really loved the old covers. They were one of my favorite parts of the books. I loved trying to guess what scene they were from.
I remember dying to read the second book to figure out what was on the cover...
I was a *little* disappointed when I saw that Waking Rose had a different cover...not that I don't like it!
I have three questions,
Was Dr. Prosser the one at the christening in WR? I don't think it ever clarified that in the book.
Did Rose have naturally wavey/curly hair? I always imagined her with large, loose, "wavy-ish", red curls...just wondering.
There were one or two confusing spots in WR, that my sisters and I couldn't figure out. (they are too long to explain here.) Should I e-mail you, Mrs. Doman to get them clarified?
regina doman said…
Lady Rose,
There are new hardcovers for all three books, and you can find them here:

Shadow of the Bear:

Black as Night: http://www.lulu.com/content/1149738

Waking Rose:

They take longer to print than the paperbacks (sometimes three weeks!) but I think they've turned out quite nicely. :)
regina doman said…
Miss Fishy, (***SPOILER ALERT!****)

You wrote:
Was Dr. Prosser the one at the christening in WR? I don't think it ever clarified that in the book.

No, it was Dr. Murray. But the two doctors look enough alike superficially to confuse anyone, inclulding the reader.

Did Rose have naturally wavey/curly hair? I always imagined her with large, loose, "wavy-ish", red curls...just wondering.

I never actually say much about Rose's hair, except that it's red. I left the texture up to the imagination of the reader.

But Rose on the front cover of the original hardcover and on the back cover of the paperback *did* have wavy hair, so it would make sense that you thought that.

I do know that one artist used my best friend, who has wavier hair, as a model for Rose.

In my mind, Rose has straight red hair, but apparently the artists for both books saw it differently!

There were one or two confusing spots in WR, that my sisters and I couldn't figure out. (they are too long to explain here.) Should I e-mail you, Mrs. Doman to get them clarified?

Go ahead and email, and if I think that the problems are ones that other readers will find interesting, I'll post them! The rest of you, you're free to do this as well. It might be fun to post another "questions" topic on the blog.


BTW Delaney, if you are reading this, I never got your artwork! Try sending again!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm sorry! This isn't the first time I've had trouble with email and authors. (Yes, I'm reading this. I check it every day. This is one of the best parts about having a favorite author who actually lives in the same century. ;) )

I'll try sending them again. Do you mind if I also send you some of my sister's graphics? :) She made a few wallpapers using quotes from the books and I think they look amazing. :D
regina doman said…
Not at all= go right ahead!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, so that was Dr. Murray? It seemed a lot more like Dr. Prosser.
Question, so if it wasn't Dr. Prosser who threatened Mr. Brier, why did she than try to kill Rose? How exactly was she involved than, other than being the main doctor at the hospital? I always thought that it was Dr. Prosser who threatened Mr. Brier, especially after she attempted to poison Rose. Dr. Murray just didn't seem like the kind of person who would threaten someone like that, especially since later she wanted to keep Rose alive.
Anonymous said…
Miss Fishy, that is funny, because I always pictured Rose with slightly curly hair, kind of like mine. Maybe slightly layered... I think that was because Blanche had such straight hair that I pictured Rose with a little bit of curl, it seemed more balanced that way.
Anonymous said…
Regina, do you think you will ever do another book about Rose and Fish? I was thinking about it, and I thought that one where they are on their honeymoon would be really neat. (And a lot of fun.) They could go to Europe, and Rose would probably unearth something, or they could get involved with some international crime ring... (talk about exciting). Oh, and maybe some sort of chase through the catacombs (if there were any available.)
Although, I suppose you would have to find a fairy tale where the prince and princess were married. In the only one I ever read that was close to that (I don't remember what it was called)the king was going to burn the queen because he thought she was a witch. (Something Fish would NEVER do to Rose... I hope!)
Amd than of course, there is the one whith the greedy wife and the poor husband, and the magical fish (ha ha), that gives them whatever they want, and the wife becomes richer and more powerful, until she asks to be God, and than the fish gets really mad and they are just poor peasents again.
(Big sigh). Okay, so if there are ANY fairy tales that would work, I think the whole honeymoon thing would make a really neat story.

God Bless Y'all!
Anonymous said…
A fan site - hurray! I've been longing to find people to discuss the books with - people who have the same interests as I do.
regina doman said…
I'll have to think about the honeymoon idea, Lady Rose - you've run into the same problem I have! Lack of fairy tale material! :(
Anonymous said…
Well, the characters of the fairy tale wouldn't necassarily have to be married. Though a fairy tale where the hero gets the heroine wouldn't work in that case, there are plenty of other fairy tales that could work. None come to mind at the moment, but I'm sure there are plenty. :P I wonder if there's a Master List of Fairy Tales somewhere that's not completely confusing. :P

(Regina, I tried replying to your reply about my graphics, but I can't be sure that it actually got to you. You certainly may post them! :) Thank you for the kind words. And I shall feel foolish for posting this if the email got to you. ;) )
Anonymous said…
The idea of having a book about Fish and Rose's honeymoon is perfect! I love the idea of Europe, international crime rings, and chases through catacombs! That would be such a fun book to read! (Actually, any book about Fish and Rose would be so much fun to read.) It would be perfect too because I was just wishing that I could read about Rose and Fish's wedding, and if you did a book about their honeymoon, there could be a flashback to their wedding! :) I really liked reading about Blanche and Bear's wedding, and I would like to know how Fish and Rose's turned out. If you don't do a book about their honeymoon, could you possibly include a flashback to Fish and Rose's wedding in another book? Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
Would another story about Rose and Fish have to be a fairytale? And if so, does it have to be an official fairytale, or could it come from a fairytale/ folktale collection? We have a set of books of fairytale collections from Ireland, Scotland, Australia, England and more and they have some pretty fascinating stories, with a bit more variety than the German Grimm's tales or the Danish Anderson's. I think that it is very interesting that you are branching out into "Arabian Nights" for Alex and Kateri's story!

And lastly, there is this Once Upon a Time series, which I actually dislike, but their premise is that each one retells a fairytale, sometimes in a very different way. So, if you did choose a fairytale, would you have to follow it as closely as you have?

Or could you simply just write more about Rose and Fish because we all love them so much that their lives could be an entirely new fairytale in their own right? For what are fairytales but ordinary people doing extraordinary things? The world is a place of mystery, amazement and wonder, which the Catholic faith opens our eyes to with such clarity and vividness.

Arianna C.
(Can you tell that I just really don't want to believe that their story is over...)
regina doman said…
Q: If you don't do a book about Fish and Rose's honeymoon, could you possibly include a flashback to Fish and Rose's wedding in another book?

A: Right now I can say that I'm working on trying to give a glimpse of Rose and Fish's wedding in The Midnight Dancers. (Because of course Paul is in the wedding party - but I can warn you, he probably won't notice anything much about Rose's dress, except that it's white. :) )

Q: Would another story about Rose and Fish have to be a fairytale?

A: Not necessarily, although I would probably try to retell *some* kind of tale or find some sort of framework to work off of. And I assure you, I'm definitely looking at some pretty multicultural stories to get ideas.

Q: Or could you simply just write more about Rose and Fish because we all love them so much that their lives could be an entirely new fairytale in their own right? For what are fairytales but ordinary people doing extraordinary things?

A: Point well taken! Who knows, I might consider it... right now, though, I don't have any ideas even for a "stand alone" story with Fish and Rose. We'll just have to see what happens... pray that the Holy Spirit inspires me!
Anonymous said…
My mom came up with the idea after she finished the book that it would be cool, if you did do a sequal, to do it about a case that Fish was fighting as a lawyer since he is going to law school. Or if the book takes place a few years later it could be about a villain he had put in jail that wants revenge on Fish and his wife(Rose) after he gets out of prison. That would be awsome. Anyway, just throwin' that out there. :)

~~Theresa ~~
Anonymous said…
This wouldn't have to be about Rose and Fish, but have you ever considered using "The Beauty and the Beast", for one of your books? I think that would be neat!

Theresa, I think that would be a really cool book! (Not to mention suspensful!) I LOVE your idea!

Oh, and I think that if another book was written about Rose and Fish, it should be based on a fairy tale, otherwise it just wouldn't seem the same as the rest, you get what I mean? I don't think it would... well, feel the same. If I don't make sense, I apologize.

Happy All Saints Day!
Anonymous said…
I do see what you are trying to say about it(a future story about Rose and Fish) not having the same feel if it were not based off of a fairytale, but some of G. K. Chesterton's books have a decidely similar tone and atmosphere as the Fairytale Novels, even though they are not based off of fairytales from any official canon. I think part of what creates that tone or "feel" is in the way the world and everything in it is presented; the view that the author presents of life. Just my comment for the month.

Anonymous said…
Hi Regina,

We're one of those bookstores who have some stock remaining of the old Bethlehem covers--9 copies of Shadow of the Bear and 15 copies of Black as Night (as of today, November 5th). If you'd like to refer people to us, we certainly won't complain! We are Exodus Provisions, website: www.exodusbooks.com, and phone (503)655-1951. Thanks!

Eli Evans, owner
regina doman said…
Q: This wouldn't have to be about Rose and Fish, but have you ever considered using "The Beauty and the Beast", for one of your books? I think that would be neat!

A: I do love that story, but so many great authors have already done rewrites of that tale (including modern ones) that I'm not anxious to tackle it. I'm not sure what I could add to it. But I've definitely considered doing some of the other "animal husband" tales, and maybe someday I will!
Anonymous said…
Regina: "so many great authors have already done rewrites of that tale (including modern ones)"

Me: Oh, really? What are some of the names?
Anonymous said…
Why isn't Waking Rose available through Amazon? All it has is a link to another seller that carries it. I'm trying to tackle Christmas shopping before Advent begins (!!!) and it's just so much simpler (and free shipping!) when I can order everything direct from Amazon.

Any chance of this happening soon?

Margaret redmeg1990@hotmail.com
regina doman said…
Hi Margaret,
No, Waking Rose won't be available on Amazon any time soon, definitely not for this Christmas season. I'm sorry! In order for that to happen, a regular publisher would have to pick it up, and Sophia Press probably won't take it over until late 2008.

You can ask your local bookstore to order it from me if you want (though they might have to charge you more for it). One way or another, you're going to end up paying about $24.00 for the book.

That *is* the downside of self-publishing.
regina doman said…
BTW Robin McKinley I believe has done *two* versions of Beauty and the Beast. One is "Beauty" - which I read - it was good - and I don't know the other name.

Check "Beauty and the Beast" under www.surlalunefairytales.com for more titles of modern retellings.

BTW I had no idea *anyone* was selling Waking Rose on Amazon. Very funny! Thanks for the heads up!
Anonymous said…
The other one is called Rose Daughter, or something. I haven't read it. (Or Beauty for that matter...)
Anonymous said…
I see-- that makes sense, Regina.

Well, if I know a goodish chunk of the sales price is going into the bank account of a Catholic mom of a large brood, I'll just offer up the inconvenience... ;-)

My daughter has asked, specifically, by name, for Waking Rose for either her December birthday or for Christmas, and I cannot disappoint.

Anonymous said…
Theresa, I also really like the idea of a court case/revenge story for Fish and Rose. That would be really neat! :) I also agree with Lady Rose that I think the book should be based on a fairy tale to have the same feel in the story.

Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
Lady Rose, those are my three (LOTR, Redwall, and Fairy Tales Retold) favorite books series too. And I can't wait for the future books.
Anonymous said…
Just to let people know, last summer I was able to find "The Shadow of the Bear" and "Black as Night" on Amazon.com from a used bookseller for a good price.

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