Making the Books into Movies?

Note: Since I wrote this post, I've given permission for a student production of The Shadow fo the Bear to be made. Click here to go to the movie blog!

Also the Comments on this post contain many SPOILERS! Don't read them if you haven't finished the book!!!!

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Q: My friend and I love your books so much, we were fantasizing about your making a movie. Have you ever considered it? If not, please do!

Periodically I am asked this question: Would you consider making the books into movies? Are you making the books into movies? When will you make the books into movies? I've been asked this for a long time. The answer is complicated.

On the one hand, my husband and I would LOVE to make the books into movies.


Although we did have the opportunity to make The Shadow of the Bear into an audio drama, it took us quite a lot of our own personal money (as in, THOUSANDS of dollars) plus several years of work. And we've barely made even a fraction of the money we spent on the audio drama. It was truly a work of love, :) but the cost was such that we can't even consider making an audio drama of Black as Night with our existing resources.

Movies costs MILLIONS of dollars to make. Even low-budget, direct-to-video releases are in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We just don't have that kind of money. We also don't have that kind of time. (We had three kids and mostly free evenings when we started the audio drama: now we're expecting our 7th!)

More to the point, we just don't have enough experience making movies to really take on the complicated and difficult process of creating quality films of the books. And if we were to make the books into movies, we'd want to do a good job. A really good job.

Both my husband and I were radio-tv majors in college: neither of us has studied or has experience with film (though I have been studying scriptwriting). We were able to do the audio drama because we had free professional equipment and free studio space, mostly volunteer actors, and a free sound technician. And my husband had amateur radio drama experience. But movies need far more than that.

Films require business plans, acquring investors, marketing research, distribution channels, and connections in the industry of all kinds as well as the things we usually think of: scriptwriting, hiring actors, expensive cameras, editing equipment, etc. In fact, writing the script for a film of the book would be about the only aspect of filmmaking I'd be qualified to do.

This is why authors generally don't make movies of their own books. So how do books get made into movies? This is an overview of how it works:

Authors, via an agent, offer to sell the film rights of their book to a movie producer or production company. Usually film rights are sold for thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. For a movie company to become interested in aquring the film rights, the book would have to be *very* successful. Right now my books haven't sold enough copies to attract the attention of any of the larger movie companies, so the chance of an agent being willing to take on the job of trying to sell my movie rights is very slim.

And, I should point out, even if I could sell the rights to my books, that's no guarantee that the books would actually get made into movies. Larger movie companies have been notorious for snapping up the rights for any potentially interesting book and then sitting on them for decades and decades before actually filming the movie (this happened with A Wrinkle in Time, for instance, a book far more famous than mine). And some books whose rights have been sold have *never* been made into movies.

By the way, once the rights are sold, I would have no control over what sort of movie would be made from my books. I could ask to have first dibs on writing the script as part of the deal, but theoretically the movie company could change all the characters, change the ending, or do anything they wanted with the story once they own the rights. It's just the way these things work.

So right now, the chance of the books getting made into movies the *conventional* way is very slim.

However, there is another way: if a smaller production company was interested in acquiring the rights to the books, and was willing to work with me, such as by letting me write the script or work as a consultant on the film, I'd definitely be open. My husband and I have our eye on a few such production companies, but really, making a movie is such a complicated, expensive process that involves so many people and is fraught with so many difficulties that I feel safe saying that it would be a long time before movies of my books will be made.

But it sure is fun to think about!

So, if you want to see my books made into movies -- pray. If God wants them made into movies, nothing is impossible for Him.

And if you feel so called, study moviemaking, move to Hollywood, and join the movie business. And if years from now you are working in the industry and still think the books would make great movies, get in touch. :)

Thanks for the question!


Anonymous said…
I have long thought that the books were all well suited to film/ mini-series. I once made a list of all the books I would love to make into movies and they were definitely on there. They all would have to be made well, though, and faithful to the books. That is a pretty rare thing today (or ever).

Sadly, few authors have any say on their films once they sell the rights. That would be the death of these in my opinion.

If the rights to a book are bought by a large company they tend to ruin the story be changing it and vamping it up to make it more marketable to a larger audience. I have seen this happen to countless films based off of books and it always destroys the story. They feel they have to add in immoral elements to appeal to an audience wide enough to make them the sort of monetary return that they are looking for and those of us who actually loved the story for what it was are left once again searching for even a decent film adaptation of a beloved literary work.

However, if the rights are bought by a smaller studio, the resultant movie might be nearly as poorly made. Many produced by such companies have poor writing, poor acting and really lack substance for some reason. I cannot imagine writing to be an issue if you (Regina) were involved, but good actors and talented actresses would be a must. They can make any film, however low budget, poor sets, etc. amazing!

Anyways, sorry for this little rant. I just wanted to say that although I would love to see these made into film/ mini-series, I understand why you will not be making them anytime soon.
Anonymous said…
While it would be really fun to see movies based on the Shadow of the Bear and its sequels, I think I would prefer to just read the books. They're spectacular enough as it is, and I think the movies would disappoint me a little bit. So don't think about making movies, and keep writing more books! ;)
Anonymous said…
Wow, that is quite a process! You know, I have thought about movies of the books, but for the most part I realized that I love the books as they are. I don't know if I would want a movie made of them. So, in a way, I am very relieved that it is doubtful that a movie may be made. (Is that selfish?)
So often I love a book, and hear there is a movie coming out of it. (As in Eragon, a favorite fantasy book of mine) I get so excited, and watch the movie only to find that the movie created becomes a horribly watered-down version, or has poor actors (or good ones, but whose characters are changed completely), or they change the best parts, leave out others, etc., etc. I just finally discovered how disappointing movies can be sometimes.
Plus, most importantly, I don't think a guy exists who could portray Fish the way he deserves to be. His character in the book is perfectly perfect, and I just couldn't see watching a movie about him in which he looks weird, sounds different, or has any other imaginable fault. Then I would probably be cursed to discover that when I reread the book, I can't picture Fish in his origional glory, but as the far-from-perfect actor. (Perfect of course not being the correct word- Fish was a "wounded soldier", not Prince Charming, but I think that if he had been the Prince then he would be easier to portray... Am I making sense?) :P (Probably not)
But anyway, I think you could gather from this long ramble that I love the books as they are, and don't want to risk ruining that by a movie. (Although if you were involved with the making or writing, Regina, I don't have to worry about it! You wouldn't ruin your own
Sorry for the long comment; keep up the good work!
Always in Christ,
PS: Can't wait for "Catholic, Reluctantly"! You and your family (little baby included)are in my prayers!
Anonymous said…
oohhhhhh it would be soooo great if somebody made the books into movies! they would be such great films!!
Anonymous said…
I also would be concerned about the quality of the would-be films. It's not because the books aren't excellent material to begin with. It's because it would be so easy for a larger studio to ruin the whole thing by changing the story or adding immoral elements (in that event, I'd rather have no movie). On the other hand, it would be just as easy for a smaller studio with a probable lack of resources (including monetary resources) to not have the perfect cast, not to be filmed well, have a less-than-ideal score, etc. The idea of having bad actors and/or a bad script (especially those) for this is as frightful to me as having the plot altered (perhaps because this is more likely to happen, given that the books aren't as popular as all of us wish they were).

I'd absolutely love to see movies of these books, perhaps more than any other book I've read, but I'd rather wait many years for well-made films that faithfully represent the books than get trashy or poorly made ones in a few years. Somedayyy! :-)

While we're all waiting, I guess we'll be "forced" to content ourselves with the upcoming books (well, in a few years). ;-) Can't wait!
Anonymous said…
" but theoretically the movie company could change all the characters, change the ending, or do anything they wanted with the story once they own the rights."

Blah. The book purist in me revolts. That's really the trouble with books being made into movies, for me. Take the new Chronicles of Narnia that Walden Media and Disney are making. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was very different from the book. Eragon is another example. Anne of Avonlea. This new Wizard of Oz that *may* be happening. The articles I've read on it are scandalous! And though I'd hate to see The Shadow of the Bear butchered like that, at the same time I really want these books made into movies.

I've made the trailer over and over in my mind. I have random ideas for how things could be worked into the movies. And another reason: graphics. I'm really into making icons and banners and such, and I have neat ideas for those, using pictures from the unmade movies of The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, and Waking Rose.

"But for now I will simply just withdraw." (~ Relient K "In Like a Lion") If a TRUE FAN were to make the movie, that would be a dream come true. But what are the odds that a TRUE FAN who would at least TRY to be CLOSE TO THE BOOK would actually make the movie? They may be such a TRUE FAN that they'd believe it would be awful as a movie.

Anways, I prefer reading to watching movies, so it all works out alright, for me. :P
Anonymous said…
I think that the books would be awesome movies if they were faithfully made, but I don't really think that would happen. I really love the books as they are and wouldn't want them changed so just write more books!
Anonymous said…
GAH! i must say that i would love to be the one to make these into movies, the best movies they could possibly be, but sadly i am not in the film school or a director, or anything like that... yet, but i probably won't go to college for it because that would mean going either to NY or LA, not places i want to go right now, and its a really hard field to get into or ever be successful in... so for now we wait to see... :)
Anonymous said…
(This is TGWHK)
Oh my!!!!!!! If I randomly won 5 million dollars in the lottery, I would do these things in order:

1. Put it in the bank so that it would gather TONS of interest, so I'd get even MORE money!

2. Donate TONS of it to the pro-life cause.

3. Make a movie of Shadow of the Bear!

I've all ready started looking for actors to play the parts...

The only problem is, like pretty much all of the above posts stated, that it would have to be PERFECT! (Alyssa, you are SO right! Eragon disappointed my so much!!!)
I have all these astounding ideas for trailers, executions of scenes, actors, actresses, and soundtracks, but of course I can't do anything about it, so...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! I will pray for you and your movies!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I saw that someone mentioned that they enjoyed doing icon work and banners and such. Have you ever made any for the Snow White and Rose Red series that you would care to share? Those would be really interesting!
Anonymous said…
i agree that if the books became movies, they would be a very great danger of them being cut up, several of the best parts and meaning thrown away, and then the remaining parts sewn up mismatched and inside out. (i'm feeling metaphorical). but it would be absolutely amazing if they were made well. i would definately go to see them, if they came out in england that is :)
Anonymous said…
Check this out...
Alexandra said…
Wow, Regina, when I saw your post about making the books into movies I laughed! Not at you, but at myself. The other day I was sitting in my room, just after I finished 'Waking Rose' (which is an excellent book, my friends and I are all passing it around), and I was thinking of how awesome it would be for the books to be made into movies! But then I was trying to think of certain actors and actresses who might fit the parts and as hard as I could, I couldn't think of anyone who would be able to actually portray the characters and their personalties as they are! Well I hope all goes well with your other projects and you and your family are in my prayers.
"Waking Rose" would make a great movie!!
Elizabeth said…
Wow people! I have to say I agree with everything everyone's said, in a way :) Waking Rose is the one I'm always imagining as a movie, and I personally think it might be the most successful out of the three books. I keep running several scenes over in my mind, pretending it's a movie, and it's quite fun :)
But then again, there's the whole issue of actors! For me that would be the main problem! I have my own little image of all the characters in my mind, and if the books became films, the images I (and many other readers) have, would be killed. Too great a risk to take for so great of a trilogy :)
If they were made into movies, I'm sure we'd all go see them, but the thing is that there's no way to satisfy everybody's expectations.
So basically, I'm ALL for movies being made of the books, but I do think, in the long run, it would be better to just imagine our own versions of the stories. That way, we'd all be happy (and Regina could keep the rights to her books!!!)
Anonymous said…
I think there WOULD be a way to find the perfect actors and actresses for the parts because all the famous and well-known actors aren't the only ones in the world. There are TONS of undiscovered and unknown girls and boys just waiting to be discovered.
Anonymous said…
"Hey, I saw that someone mentioned that they enjoyed doing icon work and banners and such. Have you ever made any for the Snow White and Rose Red series that you would care to share? Those would be really interesting!" ~ one of the anonymouses. :P

Sure! I actually have quite a few, but I'll only put a few here. These are both quotes from The Shadow of the Bear.


Anyways, to keep this comment "on-topic," I agree with the anonymous who says that there are many unknown actors waiting to be discovered. I don't think I've ever *really* watched a movie made out of a book and said "that was my mental image of him exactly," but a lot of them come close enough to make the characters real. :)

regina doman said…
Hey Delaney, I couldn't get the link to work. But if you email me the images to, I'll post them on the blog!
Anonymous said…
Alright, I did. :) I also sent you some other fan graphics of your books that I made lately. I sure hope the email gets to you.
Anonymous said…
Okay this is more likely than not going to be a long comment.
First off, I agree that there are a lot of book-to-movie's that were very poorly done. On top of the list is, and I know A LOT of people are going to think I am nuts is: The Princess Bride. (Yes, I hate it!) I have been informed that this is because I read the book (ever SO much better) before I saw the movie. Which I must comment, does make a HUGE difference. For example, if I had read the book "Gods and Generals" (one of my absolute favorites) before I had seen the movie, I know I would have hated the movie because they left a lot out. But because I saw the movie, which had a HUGE impact on me (literally life changing), I love both. But there can be very good book-to-movie transitions, believe it or not. The best transition I have ever seen was the movie Gettysburg, based on the novel, "Killer Angels". The move was, and I am not kidding you, almost word for word from the book! And not only that, but the charachters were exactly the way they were in the book. (The movie was also 4 hours long.)
I think the reason that I usually like book/movie, is because I am not a terribly "visual" person; meaning that I can formulate a fuzzy picture of what a character looks like. I know what he/she looks like in the back of my mind somewhere, but it is hard for me to REALLY visualize someone. And voices... forget it. I agree with what Elizabeth says, that it would be impossible to satisfy everyone, but I would definiatly go see them, if they were ever made into movies.
Just as a side note, I dissagree with the person who does not like the newest version of Narnia, you don't know how bad it almost was! I know for a fact, (I read it in a book written by the producer or director of the film) that the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, was nearly made by a different film company, who was goining set in modern day San Fransisco, withthe children being sent away because of an earthquake, and eating cheeseburgers instead of turkish delight! I personally, really like the new version!
All right, that is it for now, but if I think of anything else, I will be sure and share it with you. (Chances are I will finish and come up with a whole list of stuff I wanted to add.)

God Bless!
Anonymous said…
" (I read it in a book written by the producer or director of the film) that the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, was nearly made by a different film company, who was goining set in modern day San Fransisco, withthe children being sent away because of an earthquake, and eating cheeseburgers instead of turkish delight!"

I had heard that. Awful, isn't it? *book purist self shudders* And I do like the movie, but after the 6 viewing or so, I decided that there were parts that weren't very...Narnia-ish. They changed a lot of the dialogue, for one. Though, it is a bit hard to picture the actors using some of the slang and language of that time. I won't go into that here, though. After all, this is a site for the Fairy Tale Novels. *blushes and ducks her head*

I think, if The Shadow of the Bear and the rest were made into movies, the characters would be a little hard to get "wrong." They are so distinctive. No one could get away with a blond Rose, or something. It's just silly. I would be more worried about plot changes and "Squashed" events.

I personally imagine Blanche and Rose as the illustrations on my copies of TSoTB and BAN (I love abreviating things) portray them.

... I feel like I'm saying the same things everyone else, including me, has said before. Am I? I'm afraid I am.

Ahem. One scene that would be great on screen is the part in Shadow where Rose tells Rob off. Who else is chuckling and cheering Rose on whenever they read that part? :)
Anonymous said…
This may not be exactly on topic, but as far as authentic adaptations go for books-into-films, has anyone here seen the 1995 A&E production of "Pride & Prejudice"? And really,who hasn't? Honestly though, if you have not, that is one that you should see. It is the authoratative version and at nearly six hours long, it had better be.

Also, Regina, could you post Delaney's images?

Prayers and best wishes!
Elizabeth said…
Yes yes yes! A&E's Pride and Prejudice is great! I love the book, and whenever I watch the movie I'm quoting the book word for word. (Sorry, that was kinda off-subject.)
Oh yes, the scene in TSoTB in which Rose tells Rob off is also one of my favorites. That would definitely be great in a movie!
Does anyone have scenes from Waking Rose that you would especially like to see onscreen? I think the part with Rose and Fish on the golf course would be fun. A lot of drama :)
Alexandra said…
Ok, ok. Well I do know that there are other actresses and actors out there who are unknown. I hope that I didn't cause offense to anyone. I just meant that while I was reading the books, I was trying to put the characters with the actresses and actors that I was able to remember. I just have these mental images of Blanche, Rose, Bear, Fish, etc. just as everyone else does...

And to the anonymous who posted right above me, I have seen that version of 'Pride & Prejudice' and I have read the book. I read the book a while after I had seen the movie quite a few times. I found that I liked the movie better...even though the movie is pretty much "word for word." I don't know. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Anonymous said…
It would be so cool if these books were made into movies!! I have to agree with the people who were saying the actors/actresses would be the hardest thing to deal with in a movie. I have very strong mental immages, expecially of Rose and Fish, and I would have a hard time seeing different faces than the ones I have associated with the characters. I'm more forgiving with plot changes, as long as they aren't drastic. Even if the movies were made word for word, I would like the books better because when I read them, my personal take on the characters come to life, and it's practically impossible that the movie would have actors/actresses that exactly matched how I picture them looking and acting! As for a scene from Waking Rose that I would especially like to see, the one on the golf course would be really cool. Also I would like to see the one where Donna and her friend tie Rose up during the rehearsal and Fish rescues her, and also the scene where Fish sees Rose brushing her hair during the intermission of Hamlet and realizes that he could/does like her. I love that part because I think it is so sweet, but also the way I always see it happening, it is somewhat humorous. Maybe you'll all think that I'm crazy for thinking it's humorous, but I always smile when I read that because I picture Fish with this very puzzled/confused/surprised look on his face when he's talking to Rose about coming to most of her shows, and when he's walking back to his seat, he lets his guard down a little, and the expressions of puzzlement/confusion/surprise get stronger. When he's talking to Rose, I also picture him as feeling a little tongue tied almost. I think it's so sweet. It's one of my favorite parts. Oh wait, I'd also love to see the part where Fish sees the pictures of himself in Rose's dorm room. I think it's such a poignent moment in the book. Sorry I'm rambling. I'll just end by saying I think Waking Rose and both the other books by Ms. Doman would make great movies, but I'll be quite content to see the movies played out in my head while I'm reading the books if the movies never materialize. Sorry it's been such a long post! Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
To Purity_Lover: Yes, the "P&P" mini-series really is practically word for word the book, which is why all the people who love the book are so pleased with that edition.

As for scenes from Waking Rose that would be neat to see onscreen, I am going to go with the hospital scene from the end of the book (which I enjoyed so much!) and the scene in the barn when Fish drives out and finds Rose because I love scenes when the tension is so thick you can literally feel it. And the inter-dorm fight would be a really fun scene, as would Rose trying out the sword! I better stop now because there are a lot of great "scenes" in WR.

Anonymous said…
Yes! I would LOVE to see the scene where Rose lets down her hair and brushes it at the play. (In Waking Rose). Regina, am I correct in thinking that that is the moment when Fish falls in love with her, (though he doesn't quite realize it yet?) I would also love to see the scene from Black as Night, where Rose and Fish are "planning their wedding", in order to disrtacr Mr.Carnazzo. (I bet Rose was having a great time fantasizing!)

God Bless.
Happy (belated) anniversary of the Fatima miracle!
Anonymous said…
*laughs* I love that scene at Reflections. Another good Fish scene is the "rather winsome" exchange between he and Rose in Black As Night. And in Waking Rose, I always get the chills at the part where Fish is rushing back to Mercy College after Sister Maria's warning. Can't you just hear the music, swelling to a crescendo as he runs faster and faster and faster?
Anonymous said…
I have to agree about the hospital (I also love that part), and inter-dorm fight scenes. Those would be awesome to see on film! I also have to agree with "lady rose", the part in Black as Night where Rose and Fish are "planning their wedding" would be so amazing to see! I agree that Rose was probably in seventh heaven thinking about that! You reminded me that in Black as Night there are two, make that three other scense that I would love to see: 1) the scene when Rose, Fish, and Bear are going to the banquet hall, so that Bear can see the room where the drugs where hidden, and Fish starts talking about being inconspicuously dressed refering to Rose's green summer dress, pink scarf, and silver framed glasses. (I love that part!) 2) the end scene at Fish and Bear's dad's house where Elaine gets killed. 3) the scene shortly after the one I just mentioned where Fish kisses Rose's hand. (All of you have probably noticed that I am a BIG Rose/Fish fan from all the scenes that I would like to see!) Ok this is a long post again, sorry. Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I cannot believe that I forgot the scene with Donna and her friends when they tie up Rose and then Fish is warned by the sisters. That gave me the chills when I first read it! When someone mentioned that part with music, faster and faster, I was reminded of "Stardust" when the lead is racing back to the Wall. (You kinda have to have seen the film, but if you have then you should know the part, except the Waking Rose scene would be so much better!)
I was surprised that no one mentioned when Fish kisses Rose and then she wakes up. That is another gorgeous moment and I just wanted to cry.

And I have played out the scenes with Fish and Rose from "SW & RR" so many, many times in my head I don't even need a film for that! Especially when Freet (who is now a hundred times more evil and disturbing for me in retrospect knowing just how morally reprehensible an individual he was) puts the plastic bag over Rose and leaves and then Fish is struggling to rescue her. (Actually, that entire scene took on entirely new dimensions and undertones when I re-read it after reading "Waking Rose" and fitting all the new information on the characters in.) Anyway, I still wish that scene was longer!

Regina, I have to ask whether you knew the whole story about Freet and Fish when you wrote that scene for SW and RR? Because even when I reread it, I had no inkling of that being there. And can you pinpoint a moment when Fish knew that he liked Rose? I remember some time ago this question was asked: Why does Fish not want to be with Rose if he was so desperate to save her in the first book? I just thought that is really strange. - Jacinta, Blaxland,Austrailia, 7/17/04

You answered: "What a good question! Well, I can't give you a complete answer here.

I should point out that I could argue that the reason Fish was so desperate to save Rose in the first book was simply because she was an innocent victim who was going to die in his place due to his enemy's malice. He would have done the same for anyone else who was put in Rose's place. His desperation was motivated by his decency and sense of justice." (Yes, obviously.)

"But perhaps you're right when you picked up that there was something beyond this in Fish's attempts to save Rose." ( See, I always got that vibe and so now I want to know if we were all just crazy or if Fish did have a little more motivation than the whole 'innocent victim', which I hasten to add is more than sufficient motivation?????)

You finished with: "Why, then, wouldn't he want to be with her once the crisis was over....?

That's a VERY good question. But you'll have to wait to the third book to get the answer."

Anyway, I just would really like to know. Also, you had told us that you had a medical problem, but that you were able to fix it in time not to delay the publication. Could you please tell us a little about that? And please, not in a secret door?!

Thanks! A.H.
Elenatintil said…
Just a note...there is almost no human way that a film can be done word for word from the book. However, that doesn't mean that it can't follow the book very closely, or that it has to add or change things, it just means that you can't expect it to be exactly the same as the book. Narnia definetly was overkill in what they changed-there was almost no dialogue from the book. However, one of Walden's earlier film, Holes, was one of the closest-to-book adaptations I've ever seen. And the Keira Knight version of P&P, while it wasn't word-for-word, did an extrodinary job of following the book. IT doesn't get a lot of credit, though, because people are used to the A&E version. BBC (which did the 1995 version of P&P) can do almost word-for-word adaptations because a) it has enough running time and b) it is being specifically made for literature loving audiences- it's budget is low enough that they don't have to worry about getting a big draw at the box office because they don't have to go to the box office. But in the film world movies have to cater to enough people to cover their budget and make a profit. However, the good news is that the independant film movement is booming- there is way more support and possibilities for independant film makers than ever before. It is actually possible to make a good film for a very low budget- as long as you know what you're doing. (I know, because I spend my high school years making feature length films and we are getting extremely close to "professional" quality.) So I want to encourage you all- an independant filmmaker is probably the best route for "Shadow of the Bear" and with the advailibility of quality equitment for decent prices and the internet (for marketing) a very well-done film could be made for a low budget. (By low, though, I still mean that it's going to take a couple million dollars just for the production- publicity could be a lot more.)But it is definetly NOT impossible! =)
Elizabeth said…
Hey another Elizabeth :)
An independent filmmaker- I totally agree on that one.
Oh and I was also going to ask what the medical problem was?
regina doman said…
Hey A.H. -- why CAN'T I put it in a secret door? What else am I going to put in secret doors???

Well, when I get a chance, I'll post about the medical problem. It's really not that exciting. It was just an incorrect diagnosis of Rose's condition, but it threw a wrench into the plot.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that I forgot about the scene when Fish wakes Rose up with a kiss. That would be a great scene to see in a movie. The part in Shadow of the Bear with Fish and Rose in the basement would also be really cool to see. (I also wish that part was longer.) I would also love to see the last scene in Shadow of the Bear where the boys drive up in a car and the girls don't recognize them. A.H. makes a great point in asking about when Fish knew he liked Rose, and about the whole Fish/Freet relationship. I am also very curious about that.

Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I just get so frustrated because I have only ever found one of the secret doors. That is the only reason I did not want you throwing it in one of those. But hey, you can do whatever you would like to do. I know a lot of people enjoy searching for those little hidden surprises and the triumph of finding one. I would enjoy it too if only I had a better success rate:)

Anonymous said…
I think the only thing I would have a problem with in movie versions is, believe it or not, the houses. For some reason, the insides of homes and buldings are about the only things I can picture crystal clear while I am reading the books. (And when it isn't the same as my view I go nuts!) Other than that, I usually don't have a problem. (Except when they totally change the character's personality; ie. Merry, Pippin and Gimli in the LOTR.)

By the way, if no one ever makes the movies, could you find someone to compose music at least??? That would be SOOOOOOOOO cool!!!! (Although it is fun to match up music from other movies to scenes in books.)

God Bless!

(And please keep praying for the closing of Planned Parenthood.)
Anonymous said…
Wow! This is becoming a fairy tale novels fan forum!
Well, for Shadow of the Bear, I would love to have the part when Bear takes the girls to St. Lawrence's for the first time on film - that scene is just so...magical. And, of course, the snowball fight afterwards. :) Also, Rose's narrow escape from Rob would be great in a movie.
For Black as Night, I love the part when the friars race Bear to the hospital, including the detail when Bear throws the cellphone to Br. Charley. That part seems made for a movie. And the part with Bear and Blanche in the garden in winter (flashback) would make a great scene in a movie (just like in the book.)
And finally, for Waking Rose, I think the part when Fish becomes a member of Sacra Cor is so touching (my Mom started crying while reading this part in the book). That part would be fantastic on film.
Of course, I'm picturing my mental images of the characters in the scenes, and I know if made into movies, no matter how great the actors and actresses, they wouldn't match up to the Briers and Dennistons that I know. Still, the books, with talented actors, actresses, director, etc., would make awesome movies, certainly a step up from most movies coming out today. And I'd personally love to see these stories as movies.
Anonymous said…
This is so much fun! Why don't ALL author's have blogs?????????
Anonymous said…
Being an opera fan, I've got say that I'd love to see the scene from "Shadow of the Bear" where Bear takes the girls to see "Il Nozze di Figaro". I am sure that after an evening like he gave them (opera, St. Lawrence, snowball fight), I just might start thinking about him as marriage material... Not that Fish isn't great too! Another scene that would be very enjoyable to see on film would be the "She knows Chesterton" - "She lives!" scene from WR. The look of those 'male eyes in sunglasses', and the completely different reaction from what one would expect would be a priceless screen gem! Oh, I could go on and on... the friars in their garbage cans, Paul Fester meeting Fish, shopping for prom dresses at the thrift store... I love the thrift store scene! You capture the experience of thrift store shopping perfectly. No one else I've read writes about thrift stores, and from all Goodwill-frequenters, like myself, I thank you. It's wonderful being able to identify with these characters. I'm sure that if I knew Rose, she would be my best friend! (Poor Blanche - everyone likes her - just not as much as Rose!)

- GKC lover
regina doman said…
I am really enjoying myself too! Thanks very much to everyone who commented!

About elaborating on Fish's problem and how it relates to The Shadow of the Bear: I definitely want to answer this query, but not here. At some point I do want to write a plot retrospective to share with you how the story evolved, and hopefully soon (maybe as a Christmas present??).

And I probably WILL post it in a secret door. But A.H., (and anyone else who has trouble finding them), I promise that if you can't find it in a week, I'll send you a direct link, okay? :)
Anonymous said…
I actually like Blanche as much as Rose. :D I can often relate to her melancholic personality, and her shyness. Both Brier girls are on my list of favorite fictional characters, and I like them equally, but what makes Blanche really special to me is how amazingly real she is. The quiet, patient heroines are often my very favorites.

But as I said before, I like both Blanche and Rose as characters for different reasons. :D

P.S. Secret doors make life more fun. :D
Alexandra said…
Lady Rose, I agree with 100%! This is so fun and none of us even know each other yet we're all having this 'conversation'!

And Regina, you can say that I cheated, but when you had the secret door for chapter 1 on the waking rose website, I could not find it for anything! :P. So I googled it somehow and found it.

God bless all of you!
Elenatintil said…
Regina, would you ever consider setting up an online forum for your readers?
regina doman said…
Maybe someday! :) In the meantime, feel free to use this blog as a forum. You can even send me topics to post.

Oh, for those of you who have Facebook pages, there's a Facebook group for the books called "Someday my Bear will come." THey have discussions, etc. You might want to check it out!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! We can, at the same time, discuss the books with other readers, and even with the marveous author! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hee hee! My third comment in one day. Should I comment on all the posts? (Nah, I really need to move on, but that can wait.)

Regina, I shall hold you to your *promise* regarding sending us a direct link to the secret door ifwe can't find it in one week. (Why don't all those detective stories I read rub off on me?) (Actually, I am not a very patient person.)

Another scene I would love to see is the one where Brother Leon is singing "You Take My Breath Away". I have always "pictured" him, if you will, as sounding like John Michael Talbot. I really like that song!

*the friars riding in garbage cans*...yep! *Paul meeting Fish*...yep! *shopping for prom dresses at the thrift store*...yep!

What I would really like to see is the endings for both Black as Night and Waking Rose. Has anyone ever noticed the parallel endings? Blanche laying in a hospital bed, Bear sitting beside her; Blanche wakes up and they kiss. ~ Fish laying in a hospital bed; Rose sitting beside him; Fish wakes up and they kiss. Both are so beautiful! Regina, did you write it like that purposely?

God Bless Y'all!

(My new "goodbye"; anyone ever heard of Hanceville Alabama?)
Anonymous said…
I am loving this! It is so much fun to exchange thoughts about these awesome books! Ok, to save time, a big YES to all the scenes mentioned since I last commented! I would also love to see the prom scene where Bear and Blanche are jiterbugging! I love dancing and whenever I read that part I always wish that it was me dancing with Bear! Also, I would like to see the scene in WR where Bear, Blanch, Fish, and Rose go walking in the woods after one of Rose's performances, and Blanche notices that Fish is watching Rose and not paying attention to the conversation. Ms. Doman, I am also going to hold you to your "promise" about the secret door becasue I am very, very bad at finding them. To be honest, I haven't ever found one! One last thing, why are all the t-shirts, and now facebook about Bear, and nothing about Fish? I like Bear and all, but I like Fish better, and I'd like to see some stuff about him. :-)

Joanna F.

P.S. I forgot to say in my last comment that I totally aggree about the Keira Knightly P&P. I love that movie (it's one of my favorites ever) and think it does such a fantastic job in following the book. You really get the story and since it's only two hours, it's much more duable to watch than the almost 6 hour version.
Anonymous said…
So, did you put up the secret door yet? (I was gone for a few days and have not yet checked.)

Also, I am looking forward to your explanation, whenever it comes.Perfect Christmas gift: Regina's insights into Fairy Tale Novels!

Most of all, I just wanted to say how amazing it is to read everybody else's opinions and comments on these books. It is quite fun.

And this is a bit off topic, but I held a Tea Party [yes, a real tea party with tea, scones and a dozen other dainty dessert/ finger foods] and we asked what books people had read recently and seven people all answered "Waking Rose". Those of us who had read it started raving about how good it was and those who hadn't immediately wanted to know what was this amazing book? There were several other people who had read the first two, but were unaware that you/Regina had even written a third. Oh, and there were a lot of very excited people when they discovered that there are more books on the way...

Anonymous said…
okay what the hey! i'm not on for 2 days and u people go CRAZY! yes person who likes the book version of the princess bride better, u r crazy, oh well, i must say that i was VERY mad that they left the houses of healing part out of return of the king, that was the BEST part in that entire book, another book that i saw as a movie... ella enchanted, i read the book after the movie and loved it SOOOOO much better!!!!!!! it wasn't all political and stuff, grrrrrr, evil hollywood exectutives!!!! changing it so the bad guys r just miss understood and the good guys r really bad, and when was there EVER a talking snake??? and when was mandy ever pretty and young???? grrrrrrrrrr
and the three balls at the end were the most romantic thing in the entire book [sigh] anyways about scenes that i'd like to see from the books its actaully the endings that i'd like to see, ya know the parts where the music comes and the credits r about to roll, i can see exactly what would happen but i'll put that in my next comment :)
Anonymous said…
comment #2 :)
okay i totally see the scene at the end of sftb where blanche and bear r sitting in the back of the car but then u'd have to add fish, rose and jean coming out of the house and into the car too, i would go as far as her graduation and visiting st. lawrence but maybe as they drove off u'd see the church steeple... ooh i just thought of that :)

at the end of black as night after they kissed u'd see the friars dancing again and then u'd see fish, rose and jean getting out of their car in the parking lot and making their way up to the hospital :)

WR, i really want to see blanche, the baby, bear, jean and all of them together in fish's hospital room,

yeah, so that's what i'd want to see... what do u guys think???
regina doman said…
Anonymous - I probably won't get around to posting the secret door until sometime in December. And I'll post a Secret Door Alert on the blog whenever I do. So stay tuned!
regina doman said…
Oh and the tea party sounds way cool!
Anonymous said…
HEY, hey hey!!!!!!!!!!!

GKC, what's up with this???:

"(Poor Blanche - everyone likes her - just not as much as Rose!)"

Blanch is my favorite character! AND I like her better than Rose.
Anonymous said…
Ach, I'll tek back the 'Poor Blanche' - she doesn't need sympathy for it, because apparently she does have some who prefer her! Great. I personally like Rose better (I think I'm more like her, and I find her more enjoyable to read about), but don't get me wrong. I love Blanche too, and if knew her, I'm sure I talk with her all the time. She has a lot of depth, and she seems really good at Socratic discussion, though she probably not aware of her wonderful ability to converse. She's so modest. I'm sure we'd have a lot to talk about. Jane Austen ;)!

- GKC lover
Anonymous said…
i think that blanche came across much more like a regular person in the third, maybe regular isn't the right word, but in the first two she was always scared and unsure but in this one she's being all wise and drinking wine and not really caring how annoying guys can be, you could really tell that she and bear were totally and completely happy :) so yeah, even though i did like rose better in the first two, i liked blanche much more in WR, oh by the bye thouhg, its pro'ly just me. i have this crazy habit of liking lesser characters better than the main ones, weird, isn't it?
Elenatintil said…
I just found out that my copy of Waking Rose is being shipped! Hurrah!

(Regina...I'm thinking about doing some self-publishing on lulu. Is that something you would recommend? Should I e-mail you if I have more questions about it?)

I love both Blanche and Rose...I think I relate to both of them. I can be impulsive like Rose sometimes, but usually I'm the "mother hen" saying "Let's follow the rules, guys!" (even though I hate rules). Actually, I have a younger sister who is darker in complexion and her hair is more "red" while I am more "fair" and I love to call us "Snow White" and "Red Rose." My sister hasn't actually read the books yet, but I'm going to let her once I actually get my own copies of the first two...I know she'll love them.
Anonymous said…
I like the idea for the end of SotB where Bear, Blanche, Fish, Rose, and Jean drive off and you see St. Lawrence's steeple. That would be cool.
For BaN I guess I would prefer to see it end somehow with Bear and Blanche since they are the main characters.
Finally for WR, I would like to see Blanche, Bear, and baby Benedict too, but I love the ending of the book so much, and I think it is such a perfect ending for the story that I'd like it to end exactly like the book. What I would like is after Rose says "No, it wasn't a dream, it was a dream come true. I'm so very, very glad." it would fade to black (with soft music in the background, maybe violins, piano, or harp?) and the credits would roll. Just like in the Kiera Knightly P&P. Or, you know what would be really cool, it would fade to black, but before the credits would roll you would see a red rose laying across a sword. I just thought of that right now, what do you think? The reason I would want BaN, and WR to end with Bear and Blanche, and Fish and Rose respectively is because when I see movies that reach an emotional high (like the hospital scene in BaN, and WK for example) and then you don't end there but go onto something less emotional and not completely relating to the main characters drives me nuts! I'm not sure if anyone has seen the movie "Return to Me", but they do that and it drives me nuts! So what does everyone think of my ideas? Ok, sorry for the long comment. Joanna F.
regina doman said…
Elizabeth - I definitely recommend Lulu! Good luck with your self-publishing, and keep me updated!
Elenatintil said…
I definetly will! =)

Also...I've been wondering...if the books were ever made into movies, would you be comfortable with having a Protestant director, or would it be really important to you for the director to be a Catholic?
Anonymous said…
hey joanna, thanks for commenting on my comment, yeah i liked your ideas too, my problem is i always want to know what happens next, i think maybe the thing were they do like the home vid thing would work during the credits of WR but oh well, we might never know what they would do at the end of the movies :) has anyone here read 'pierced by a sword'? its a catholic novel my friend let me borrow it and i read it in 24 hours it was awsome :)
Anonymous said…
I like the whole St. Lawrence idea. I think it would be neat if the end of SoftB was kind of like the end of the Fellowship of the Ring, where Frodo looks at Sam and says "I am glad you're with me Sam." Than they start walking down the hill, the camera moves up and focuses on Mt. Doom in the distance, while the intro to "In Dreams" (one of my absolute favorites) starts to play.
Only it would be Bear saying, "Well than my lady, the adventure has only just begun", and as they start to drive off, the camera goes up and you see the steeple of Saint Lawrence rising up above the rooftops as the screen slowy fades to black. Than in white letters it would say, "Based on the novel by Regina Doman". Ooh! That gives me a thrill just thinking about it!

I agree that BaN and WR would definately have to end the same way as they do in the movie. Oops! I mean book!

One more thing, if the movies ever WERE made, the DVD would DEFINATELY have to have bloopers/outakes on it! (And A LOT of them!) I love watching all the funny mishaps and mislines actors do! And NO "The Making of...". I personally feel that a *documentary* of how the movie was made copmletely ruins the way you watch the movies again.

Okay, got to go and God bless Y'all!
regina doman said…
Elizabeth - About a Catholic director. I know what you're asking. I would definitely love to have a director who really understood and could relate to a book. But if it was a choice between a nominal Catholic and a devout Protestant who loved the books, I'd probably want to go with the Protestant director!

There *are* quite a few Protestants who also love the books out there, I know! Which is an honor for me.
Anonymous said…
YES, I love bloopers and outakes! Seeing SotB, BaN, and WR bloopers would be so much fun!! Deleted scense are also sometimes nice.
Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
Hey Joanna,

I love the film "Return to Me", but I can absolutely understand what you are saying. I was quite put out when it didn't end with the two main characters, but branched off.
Anonymous said…
I am puitting this here because it is more directly related to movies than any of the other sections.

Has anyone seen "Bella"? It is supposed to be an excellent film and is a true labor of love three and half years in the making. It came out yesterday but our state will not be showing it until next week. I was wondering if anyone had went to it and if you hadn't, perhaps to look into going. If we want better movies, we need to support the good ones that do come out. If you want more info, check out

"All you have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to you."
Anonymous said…
To the anonymous above me, i did go and see "Bella" last night with my mom. I thought it was a very moving and touching story. There is one scene in particular that was very emotional and you cant help but cry. I wont say anymore about it so as not to give anything away, but it is definately a must see just to support the whole pro-life message if nothing else.
regina doman said…
Q: One last thing, why are all the t-shirts, and now facebook about Bear, and nothing about Fish? I like Bear and all, but I like Fish better, and I'd like to see some stuff about him. :-)

A: Sorry I overlooked this question! If you have ideas for Fish shirts, send them to me, and I'll see what I can do. As for Facebook, I can't be held responsible for that! Why not start a "Someday my FISH will come" group? I'll join! :) (Although my Fish came. :) :) :) )
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say that I can relate to both Rose and Blanche, but I find Rose more interesting to read about. She seems to get into stuff that is more I don't know, book friendly? Things that make more interesting plots. Does that make sense? Plus which, I like Fish better than Bear, soooooooo. :) I love the kind of quirky relationships that Fish has with Rose, and the conversations he has with everyone. :)

I haven't seen "Bella" yet, but I want to. I've heard it's really good, and I've seen some interviews with the lead actor, and the producer on EWTN. The making of the movie is an amazing story!

Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
if there is a chance that you could make a movie, would it be cheaper to go to different catholic colleges or something and have students audition for parts? Just curious.
regina doman said…
There are two problems with going this route:

1) paying the actors is actually a small part of the overall cost of the movie, as I understand it. The bulk of the cost is marketing and distribution (it is the same in book publishing). Thus even though Leonardo de Fillippis had nearly-volunteer cast to do Therese (I'm sure he paid them, but probably not exorbinantly), he had to spend years, literally, raising the thousands and thousands of dollars necessary to get the film into theaters.

As another example, Leonardo, Mel Gibson, and the Bella producers each went on tour to promote their respective films (and raise money and ticket sales) with short film versions already in hand.

In other words, all three films had been shot and edited and pretty much *finished* by the time they took them on the road to do marketing. Finishing the film doesn't mean you have enough money to actually get it into the theatres!

2) The main reason why studios use big-name actors is *because* their names bring in money. If you are trying to do a budget film with little money, it is actually *smarter* to get a big-name actor interested and agree to star or appear in the film, so that you can use their name in advertising. With a big star name attached, producers and distributors are much more likely to pay attention and give your film space in their lineup or a slot in their theatres.

So -- using non-professional actors to make a movie might seem like it will save you money, but it actually won't. Your film stands a much better chance at being noticed if you can pony up the money to pay a big-name salary for a big-name actor. You can skimp on production costs in some ways, but skimping on actors generally does you no favors.

That's my understanding, anyhow!
Anonymous said…
t-shirt ideas - i don't have waking rose yet but i have read it :) i borrowed it from a friend, i don't remember the direct quote or if there's one, but what about what rose asks dr. murray [murry?] when she's in the coma about fish, 'have u seen me fish? he always comes for me...' or something like that :)
Anonymous said…
I like both Blanche and Rose, but I think I am more like Rose, (my hair even has a slight reddish tint.) As for Bear and Fish, once again, I like Bear, but Fish is more fun, in a way. I am also more like him than I am like Bear. I also like the way Fish is kind of 'funny while he is serious', if you get my meaning. He is one of those people, where he could be perfectly serious when he says something, but it makes me laugh. Ex: "Can I borrow your cell phone", Bear asked. "No! Get your own." replied Fish, contridicting his words by tossing the phone to Bear.
Things like that.
So while I like Blanche and Bear, I think I like Rose and Fish better.

God Bless!
Anonymous said…
But Bear is like, a philosopher! :P

On the other hand...Fish carries a handkerchief and offers it to girls...

On the other hand... Bear can swing dance. *chuckles*

I have been known to say at least every 20 minutes while reading any of the books, "I love Bear," or "I love Fish."

I really have to watch myself or I'd end up reading everything Bear and Fish say out loud to my sister. *rolls her eyes at her own fangirlish tendencies*
Anonymous said…
Let's face it, no movie, no matter how great the actors, how long the running time, etc. could ever do complete justice to these books. I mean, there is just no way. Still, these books DESERVE movies! And I hope that one day we will all be enjoying amazingly made, fantastically acted, faithful adaptions of these books on film!
Anonymous said…
teehee, everybody has a bear and a fish in their lives, even if they don't know it they do, i know i do, and i simply cannot decided which one i would like to like more :) just like in the books :)
Anonymous said…
teehee, everybody has a bear and a fish in their lives, even if they don't know it they do, i know i do, and i simply cannot decided which one i would like to like more :) just like in the books :)
Anonymous said…
Ok, I have a few partial ideas for t-shirts for Fish. Maybe they will be the spark for someone else to think of something perfect. Anyway, these are my ideas.

Or something like that with the "FISH" in bigger fancier letters. I just don't know what else you might want to have written on the shirt, but I think it's a cool idea to do something like that.

2)You could just go with "Someday My Fish Will Come", but if you wanted something a little different, how about something like "Waiting For My Fish To Come".

3)Fish Forever

4)I'm A Fish Fan

The last two are somewhat different, but that's all my ideas for now. I'm still thinking though. :) Putting a quote of Fish's on a shirt could be interesting, but you would have to find something that would have as much meaning on its own as when it's read in the context of the story. Does that make any sense?

Lady Rose, that is exactly how I feel about Fish. He says something and is perfectly serious, but he makes me laugh. That's one of the reasons that I love Fish so much! :)

Delaney, I can totally relate to you and your "fangirlish tendancies"! :) I was very happy to read (somewhere I can't rememeber where, but I think in WR) that Fish knew how to dance well also, even though he didn't enjoy it quite so much as Bear. If he liked dancing as much as Bear, he would be even more perfect for me! :)

To the anonymous who said that everybody has a Bear and Fish in their lives, I just wanted to say that I've been thinking about all the boys I know, and I seem to only be coming up with Fish-like people. :) Well actually, Fish-like, or not like either of them.

Ok, last thing for now I just wanted to mention that I actually know an actor who I think could play Bear very well. He doesn't look exactly like I imagine
Bear looking, but since I know him, I would be alright seeing him play Bear.

Joanna F.

P.S. I just wanted to say that I saw "Bella" and I really like. I would highly recomend seeing it. Expecially since it has such a good message.

P.P.S. Yikes, this is a long post! Sorry! :) Sorry for any mistakes, I wrote this in a hurry.
Anonymous said…
I think that all of the scenes from the books, should be in movie version, but there is one scene I would love to add:
I thought that a very touching and emotional scene would be in the SotB, just after Bear gets shot by Mr. Freet and the police come. Instead of going to where Blanche and Rose are waiting at their house, Fish and Rose would show up at the church, and you could have a reunion scene. I know I would cry! I don't know what other people think, but I think that would be such a moving scene. (It's one of my many favorite scenes that I write and re-write after I go to bed, or while I am doing the dishes.)
Any thoughts?

About Fish/Bear people, well... all the boys I know how to dance, but they refuse to ask anyone! Arg!!!!! (Hmm, will think on that more...)
But since I am a Rose-type person, I think a Fish-type person would be perfect for me!
Anonymous said…
Ok, another idea for a t-shirt would be to put a quote about Fish on the shirt and then say something like "Waiting for My Fish to Come." Maybe a quote about him being a knight in shining armor, or maybe something from the "winsome" exchange in BaN? Any ideas?

I also wanted to add a little about my last post. First I wanted to say that when I said I knew boys that were Fish-like, I was thinking along the lines of what Fish is like now, but also what he possibly would have been like had he not gone through all that he did. I know that all that stuff that he went through is part of who Fish is, but do you know what I mean? Hopefully that made some sense.

Also, I wanted to try and explain my "obsession", if you will, with Fish. Ever since the SotB I have been drawn to Fish's character, for reasons I can't explain, and with each book, my fascination with him has grown. Ok, I don't think that helped very much, but basically, I'm fascinated with Fish's character, and that's why I keep posting, and asking questions about him. :)

Another thing, I thought of another actor that I think would be good for the part of Bear, if it wasn't for his accent. I think Eduardo Verastegui (the lead in Bella) would make a really good Bear. Maybe he could work with an elocutionist for the movies?? I mean I like his accent, but Bear doesn't have one, so for the movie it would have to be worked on. :) (Does anyone besides me find it odd that I can think of people to play Bear, but I haven't thought of anyone to play Fish? Maybe because I like Fish better, so I can't think of anyone that would be just like him? Hmmm)

This is getting long, but one last thing. If WR was ever made into a movie, what do you think of this idea for a trailer. You'd start off with the two quotes about Fish being the most aggravating man in the world and Rose being the most exasperating girl in the world. Then you would show some of the scenes where Fish and Rose are having their heated discussions, maybe the one where Fish saysc "So what do you want me to do? Sweep you into my arms and kiss you?", and then you would say something like "You'd never think these two could fall in love........but they did." I think that would be a neat trailer. What do you think?

Joanna F.

P.S. I like Lady Rose's idea about having a reunion at St. Lawrence's, but for me it wouldn't be absolutely necessary.
Anonymous said…
Joanna F.,
I haven't seen Bella yet because it hasn't been playing anywhere near our area but I really want to. However, I have seen Eduardo Verastegui on EWTN and although I don't think he would make a good Bear, he *might* make a good Br. Leon(?).
Anonymous said…
Joanna F., I LOVE your trailor idea. And I thing Eduardo would be a wonderful Bear!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Alyssa! I'm glad you like the ideas. :) I'm a total nut when it comes to Fish and Rose, but often my thoughts are too fuzzy to make sense! :)

Mae, I'm curious, why don't you think Eduardo would make a good Bear?

Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
Joanna F., I don't know if you're still checking comments over here...I wasn't or I promise I would have responded to you much sooner - sorry!
I finally did see Bella - and LOVED it, btw - and the reason I don't think Eduardo Verastegui would make a good Bear is because of his accent. Also, I had at first thought him too suave-looking, strange as it seems, but seeing him in Bella with his beard made me realize that he can also become scruffy when he has to. So, my view on him playing Bear isn't as narrow now; maybe he would make a good bear, maybe he wouldn't. It's kind of like with you not being able to think of anyone able to play Fish, because you like him better. I love them both, but Bear's character is very dear to my heart and if anyone should play him I'd want him to be perfect. I know, I'm asking a lot.
Oh, and another reason is when I saw Eduardo I thought, "He'd make the perfect Brother Leon!"
Anonymous said…
Hi Mae,

I haven't been checking that often, but I still am. Yeah, his accent is not the best for Bear, but I was just thinking if it wasn't for that, then he would make a great Bear. No, I agree with you that he might have looked a little bit too suave, but my first impression of him was in Bella, and there he had the big hair. Yep, all the characters are so dear to us, that we would want them to be perfect, and it would be hard to settle for anything less.
He could probably play Brother Leon very well too, though.

Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
if you ever do make a movie if i had red hair and no glasses, i'm not bragging or anything i think i am almost exactly like rose. I love the books and the movie would be wonderful.
Anonymous said…
I loved your books (Regina) they are sooo great. I got almost every kid in my class to read the book "The Shadow of the Bear"! They love it and can't wait for more books. Your books take me to a whole new world of fantasy that I enjoy very much. Thanks for sharing your writing skills with us (your faithful readers)!
Anonymous said…
I just finishes reading "The Shadow Of the Bear" and it was just soooo amazing! I loved it! I'm gonna start a Facebook group on Fish! He's my favorite charcter. I already have some ideas. My friends and I can't wait to get started. If annybody has any suggestions for my "Fish" group, please leave a comment. Thank you sooo much. God Bless and pray for an end to abortion!
Anonymous said…
I have an Aunt who's in the movie business. She was actually a director of High School Musical 3! Regina, I've told her all about your book "The Shadow of the Bear." She read it and she loves the book (of course). My Aunt has read the comments and is greatly thinking about talking movie business with you. I know about the movie ruining the book problem, but she is willing to let you help direct the movie. It would be great. I really hope it woorks out. Please let me know if yuor interested and met my Aunt know. We might even be able to get a guest star, like Selens Gomez or someone like that. Thank you for the time. God Bless the U.S.
Anonymous said…
I'm almost finished with the book "The Shadow of the Bear"! My friends and I are starting a book club from books by Regina. It's gonna be sooo much fun. I can't wait, our first official meeting starts tonight. I just love the books that Regina has written. Keep up the great work, Regina and God Bless you and your family! God Bless everyone!
regina doman said…
Wow, that book club sounds cool! Email me about it and let me know how it goes!

And Anonymous who has an aunt who works in the film industry - I'd love to talk to her! Have her email me at

Thanks, all of you, for your enthusiasm! And pray for me as I try to find time to write another book!
regina doman said…
Wow, that book club sounds cool! Email me about it and let me know how it goes!

And Anonymous who has an aunt who works in the film industry - I'd love to talk to her! Have her email me at

Thanks, all of you, for your enthusiasm! And pray for me as I try to find time to write another book!
Maria B-H said…
Wow, I feel years late! I read the SW&RR trilogy last year, and practically forced my friends to read them. ;) well, after reading every word of all 91 comments, I have to say I agree with EVERYTHING that was said about these particular books. (I'm a book purist too, lol.) personally I think I like Rose better than Blanche exactly BECAUSE I'm very similar to Blanche, and not at all to Rose. I like Fish and Rose's relationship better because it wasn't as fairytale-ish as Blanche and Bears, if you know what I mean. :) I love all the scenes you guys mentioned. Gosh, I feel so behind the times! I realized the most recent comment on this post was from 2009!!! Ah, well, at least I can still comment. It's kinda crazy, I can quote exact sentences from every book, I think, but especially from WR. Oh! Another hilarious scene would be when Leroy put his flaming pants in the pizza box, etc. I am of the opinion that if Fish was also an amazing singer (and, you know, existed) he would be the PERFECTEST GUY EVER! He's much more interesting than bear, I think. More nuanced. More subtle. More witty. I'll stop. ;) oh! And if Fish could play the cello. :) it weird to have a semi-crush on a fictional character who's got a girlfriend? Well, that's happened to me more than once. ;) Yeah, basically, I really want to write novels when I grow up, and I will be satisfied if they are half as good as these! I can probably think of a FTN quote for almost any situation. Oh, and also, I have read that PDF of Rose and Fish's wedding. I'm not sure I'm entirely satisfied. I need more! Oh! I've got an idea for a tshirt. On the front it would say, "Fish-- think cold, slippery, detached. Benedict-- think dry, scholarly monk from the dark ages. Denniston-- think English preparatory school, stolid country squire." then on the back it would say, "irresistibly attractive!" or something. Gotta go, :( wow, this is long and disorganized! Sorry about that.

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