I am so honored by Claire's review on her lovely blog, Here's an excerpt:

It was after reading Waking Rose that I really realized one of the big potentials of these books. Eric Ludy, husband of Leslie Ludy (author of Authentic Beauty), has some excellent "Lessons on Manhood" articles in her book. In one, he explains about a book that heavily impacted his life, and his understanding of masculinity and strength. It was The Scottish Chiefs, a novel based on the true story of Scottish war heroes William Wallace and Sir Robert the Bruce. He testifies that the book left him with a new and powerful vision of manhood. And it was a book written by a lady. Eric says, "It was a woman with a correct vision of manhood that lit the flame of willingness within my heart to become all the God desired for me to be." (Emphasis his)

I'm convinced that Regina's novels have the exact same potential. Her masculine characters are strong, gallant, chivalrous, and yet very real. I know many other girls would join me in confirming that they exemplify exactly the kind of strength and values we hope and pray for in a future husband. I hope many, many young women continue to read these stores and treasure the beauty of pure romance and modern-day femininity that they depict. And I hope many, many young men also pick them up and catch hold of a vision of authentic masculinity fashioned after the ultimate manhood of Jesus Christ.

Claire, I'm truly honored you think the books have that potential. Thanks so much for the review!


Claire said…
Thank you, Regina -- I am just as honored by your post!

Many blessings,
Phil 4:8
Anonymous said…
All right, this really has nothing to do with the actual post it's attached to, but a query I must make has been on my mind. As far as I know, it's never come up before, so I hope you won't mind if I post it here. I was wondering if there are on points on which you disagree with your characters, besides the obvious (Everyone obviously disagrees with Rose at the beginning of Shadow that Rob is an trustworthy fellow). For instance, do you actually like opera? The characters seem to, which overjoyed me. It would appear so from the light in which you portray it, with Blanche wondering whether opera is more real than reality, but I remember that you said that when you wrote that book you hadn't actually read 'The Napoleon of Notting Hill', 'Manalive' or Jane Austen. I was wonderin if it might be the same with 'Figaro'. All I can say is that even if you don't, you portrayed it wonderfully? But i am straying. the subject of my question is not really, "Do you like opera?" The question is, are there any points on which you disagree with your characters?

- GKC lover
regina doman said…
GKC lover:
Well, I *do* love opera, and the Marriage of Figaro in particular. And I have read Manalive - several times! The Napoleon of Notting Hill is one I haven't yet read, but it is the favorite book of a friend of mine, so I included it in Rose's list as a tribute to my friend.

And I have read some Jane Austen by now. :)

Generally speaking, I would say I *do* agree with my viewpoint or main characters on big things like moral issues. But on tastes, you can't always be sure, because I make an effort to make sure that my characters aren't just "regina clones."

But if I give a work of literature prominence in the story, like The Marriage of Figaro in The Shadow of the Bear, or "The Eve of St. Agnes" in Waking Rose, you can be sure it's because I love it.

Does that answer your question?
Anonymous said…
Yes,I think that the books do have such great potential. I know in eight years, when my brothers are old enough, I will want them to read it! And a combination of all your good male characters, is exactly what I would want in a husband; the Cor guy's sense of fun, Fish's logic, Bear's gentleness, and their combined chivalry and virtue. I've always loved your male characters,because they ARE real men. I've always been impressed by the friars, if only all religous and priests were like them!

On a slightly humorous note, I have always liked the fact that the boy's in your stories, don't seem to mind asking girls to dance! (Something which is completely unheard of among the boys I know.)

God Bless Y'all!
Anonymous said…
Yes, thank you so much! I think that answers it.(I'm pretty sure by now that you're not fond of a mountain of sugar in the tea!) Oh, and I am in the middle rereading "Manalive" once again. It strikes that your books carry out the philosophy of that book extremely well. The view that life is an exciting adventure, and that fairytales do happen is very much in keeping with Innocent Smith's constant endeavors to realize the God-given joy of life. God bless!

Peace of Christ,
GKC lover

PS By the way, I assume that when Fish says in the audio drama that he can't stand the new tenor in 'Figaro', he is referring the tenor in the role of Don Basilio?
Anonymous said…
i agree with 'lady rose' about the guys in this story, and even tho i know rose and fish were meant to be, always have been, always will be, forever and ever amen, i would have picked paul :) OPERA!!!!!!! yay! i love it 2, i've been in the kid's chorus when i was younger in a few, hansel and gretel, carmen [which is one of my favorite] cold sassy tree, la boheme [if that's how u spell it] and turandot, which is also one of my favorite's because instead of going good to bad it goes bad to good and ends happily :)

ps i'm reading the eve of st. agnes for school and maybe its just me but i don't really get it... is there some sort of secret to understanding it regina?
Claire said…
YES, Lady Rose! That's just one of the little things about them that I love too! Too many of the guys I know seem to think it's "unmanly" or something to enjoy, and/or ask a girl to dance for the simple pleasure of enjoying that art (yes, I think it is, and a near-lost one at that). I thought it was great last year at the Couple to Couple League Convention when we were doing some informal ethnic dancing, and one of the young men that was dancing called out to the group of guys on the sidelines: "Come on guys: Real men dance!" :) My thoughts exactly!

Okay, sorry... but that story is just too fun not to share.

Blessings, everyone!
Anonymous said…
you know, as soon as I read Waking Rose, my mum read it, and it was funny, because she said exactly the same things as what Claire said in that blog!!

I agree all the way with everything Claire said too!
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say that I also love your male charecters. They are so believable and real. Also, I have always loved the fact that your boys don't mind dancing! After many years of trying, I was finally able to convince my older brother to take a ballroom dance class with me this summer. It was so much fun! I always appreciated the fact that there was dancing in your books since I love it so much! Joanna F.
Anonymous said…
Great review, Claire!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I wish I had been there! (Claire, since we both know the same group of boys, maybe we should tell them that story?)
And they all know how to dance! Really, I wish we could convince them somehow that we won't think "Oh he likes me!" or something rediculous like that! (If they think we will, they obviously do not know any of the girls around here!)
Anonymous said…
Here's another WOW to Claire. What a beautiful and insightful review.
Claire said…
Thank you, kind souls! :)
Anonymous said…
Claire, I agree completely!!!!

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