Build your own fansite!

I told my husband that some of you were asking about a fansite or a message board, and he said I should tell you all about this link:

It's a tool for building fansites. You can use it for anyone - even yourself! It's cute - take a look and see what you think.


Anonymous said…
Does it cost anything to have a website, or a blog? If so, how much?
regina doman said…
I think that the Squidoo is free.
Blogger is definitely free. Go to to make your own blog.

Websites can be free, or they can cost. My husband owns a web design company, so he makes all of mine (but this blog is run by blogger and is free). I don't know much about free websites, but maybe someone else might ...
regina doman said…
I just went on Squidoo and checked: yep, it's fee:

Q: Does building a Squidoo lens cost me anything?

A: No, no and no! (Did we mention no?) We guarantee that building lenses will always be free--that's a cornerstone of why we're here.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info! Have a great day!

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