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I finished Waking Rose late last nite... it's SOOO good!!!!!! I could point out everything I like in the book, but that would make a book in itself. ...All in all, an amazing book to finish up Rose, Blanche, Bear, and Fish's story.

I just finished Waking Rose about two hours ago, and it was so good! It had the perfect blend of romance (I loved all the conversations between Fish and Rose!), adventure, and especially suspense. Rose is such an amazing character, and my favorite, I'm so glad that this entire book was devoted to her and Fish.
... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing your gift of writing!

Hooray! They liked it! Thanks for sending them, ladies! I posted the full versions of their comment here, and there's also a press release about Waking Rose up on the website now. If you want to pass it on to your local diocesan paper or Catholic group or blog, please feel free!

When more people have read it, I think I might take a favorite character poll...


Anonymous said…
I can describe my feelings about the book,similar to the way your husband reviewed it. (You know, the kinghts, nuns,adventure thing)

Suspense, delight,fear, relief, doubt, hope, despair, sorrow, joy, laughter, tears, exultaion, exhilaration,satisfaction. A perfect roller coster of emotions.

Anonymous said…
i didn't know where to post this but OMG! i just found a version of the song that they dance to from the wedding on utube and alison krauss is singing it!!! :) i'm excited :)

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