Back from the Conference....

We're back from the Midwest Catholic Family Conference in Wichita, and I want to thank everyone for their prayers. The conference was really something: I don't think I've ever been a a Catholic conference that was so well-organized and so well-run. I was really, really impressed.

My first talk was to the high school and junior high groups, on "Evangelizing the Imagination." The high school teens surprised me by doing a skit based on scenes from The Shadow of the Bear and Black As Night. First they performed the opening scene where Bear first visits the Briers. Then they recreated the friar's trashcan race from Black as Night. It was wonderful!

On Sunday I spoke to the adults on suffering. This was the first time I shared my son Joshua's story in public. I admit I broke down and cried several times during the talk, but I did manage to get through it. From what I understand, the talk on Joshua was recorded by St. Joseph's Communications. As soon as they have it available, I'll put up a link. I am secretly hoping they recorded my teen talks as well, but I don't know if they did. Will find out.

And we were able to sell the new editions of the first two books plus a special preview edition of Waking Rose to conference participants. Thanks to all of you who visited my table: it was good to see you! And for those of you who might be coming here for the first time as a result of meeting me at the conference: welcome!

I know it's probably making some of you frantic that there were copies of Waking Rose available yet you couldn't be there to buy them.... the good news is that we are definitely making the August 15th publication deadline, and if I can get the book up there any earlier, I will! I promise to send one of my (rare) bulk emails as soon as the book is available on Lulu.

Thanks again for checking in!


Anonymous said…
So, does this mean that we will not purchase the books directly from you?
I would like to order a book as soon as possible. I am guessing I would order it off of "Lulu" then?
regina doman said…
Yes, you'll be able to order the book from, not from me! Much easier for all involved, since it usually takes me a week or two to get to the post office!
Anonymous said…
Hi Regina,

Do you know if is taking pre-orders for "Waking Rose"? Can't wait to read it! Thanks!
regina doman said…
No, I don't think you can. But just hold on - like I said, I might get the book up this week! I'm going through final changes even as I write...
Anonymous said…
Regina, I see in the above booth picture that you have green and blue fairytale tees- something not advertized (unless I missed it) on the t-shirt page. I just wondered if it was possible to order one in that color? Thanks, and GREAT work on your wonderful novels... I can not wait until my copy of WR arrives!! -Alyssa
regina doman said…
Hi Alyssa,
I think you can order any of those colors if you call or email the website. They can really custom make a shirt. Call them at 1-888-680-3964 and ask.
Thanks for inquring!
Peace and good

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