Errors in Shadow of the Bear: Missing emails!

I just had a frustrating experience. Someone sent me an email yesterday labeled "Errors in the Shadow of the Bear." It got caught in my Norton AntiSpam folder. Naturally I was anxious to read it: I've posted on the website before asking people to send me any typos in the book, and after all, we just republished The Shadow of the Bear. So I clicked on the email and choose the option "This is Not Spam." And Norton Anti Spam promptly sent it ... into oblivion. Aaah! I checked all over and could find no sign of it. There was another email with the subject "Waking Rose" that vanished at the same time. So I wanted to let whoever it was who sent those emails know ... somehow ... that I never read them. Please, if you sent the email, please re-send it.
PS: Anne Marie, MaryKath, and Monique - I DID get your emails, as you probably know. But if you sent me an additional one I never responded to, chances are I deleted it...! :(


Anonymous said…
I have had trouble emailing you as well. It seems to be bad luck with me, emailing authors. :P I did manage to send you an email, but I'm afraid you weren't able to reply because of my Yahoo account. That is what happened with the last author I tried emailing.

By errors in Shadow of the Bear, would that be the newest publishing of it? :)

regina doman said…
Delaney, I did get an email from you - did you get my response? But I don't think I got an email from you with the subject line "Errors in the Shadow of the Bear."

I *was* a bit paranoid about folks finding errors in the NEW edition I just published, because I paid a professional proofreader to go over it. So I'm hoping that it's fine now. But obviously, if you find errors in any of the books* I will be happy if you let me know!

*I KNOW there are errors in the Preview Edition of Waking Rose which we sold at my table at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference. Because once I read one of the preview copies, I spotted lots and fixed them on the edition that I released to you now. But if you have a copy of Waking Rose you bought from Lulu, please let me know if you find typos in it!
Anonymous said…
Hi Regina!
I actually did find a few mistakes in Waking Rose, one being the line in the first chapter- Rose said that Blanche was "ready at 7 a.m. this morning". While it reads smoothly, the a.m. is redundant.
Also, when Blanche, Rose, Fish, and Bear are sitting eating out on Rose's birthday: Rose was saying "Guys," with disbelief that they communicated with grunts when neccessary, and Blanche lifted her glass of wine and said something along the lines of being different (was the line "la difference"? something like that). Anyway, I thought it was a little strange that Blanche would be drinking alcohol when she was pregnant...
Again, the mistakes aren't at all huge or annoying, just little things though, that I thought you might want to know about!
But the book was my absolute favorite book in my entire course of reading...and I read about a book a day, so it goes to say that Waking Rose took the cake!!!! I'll send you an email elaborating about it more later, but I wanted to thank you so much for writing this masterpiece!!!!!
Always in Christ,
regina doman said…
Thanks Alyssa! I appreciate it!

About Blanche drinking alcohol while pregnant: she follows the line of thinking (followed by my aunt) that believes that drinking a glass of red wine every day is actually good for pregnancy. It's also supposed to be good for your heart, which of course would particularly interest Blanche, with her heart condition.

I know it's a controversial topic: I've had medical professionals give me contradictory advice with each of my seven pregnancies! The general rule seems to be that a small amount of alcohol (one glass a day) is not really much of a concern. More than that is definitely problematic.

Again, thanks for the notes!
Anonymous said…
Oh, ok, great; I'm happy to hear it wasn't a mistake! And I have heard about it being good for the heart; my grandparents are all for a glass of wine a day for the heart! (and enjoyment, too:)

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