About the Hardbacks....

Allison just sent me this email, and I thought I'd post it, since I'm sure others have the same questions:

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Dear Mrs. Doman,
I was wondering if Waking Rose is available in hardback. If it is, is it possible for me to buy all three books in the Snow White and Rose Red Trilogy as a set in hardbacks? I really enjoy your books. Thanks!

Hi Allison,
The hardback for Waking Rose should be available on August 15th. I have a few more tweaks to make to the hardback cover of Shadow of the Bear, but that's available right now.

As for Black as Night, there will be a hardcover and a softcover. Unfortunately, neither is available just now, because I'm still waiting on a license I need before publication. As soon as I get it, I will make both editions available. So say a prayer the license comes through soon, and I'd suggest checking in on August 15th. With luck, the entire trilogy in both editions will be available by then so you can order them all at once.

So glad you like the books!
Peace and good


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