Polly Plummer: Back To Genesis

Just a quick note to say that my new column on Polly Plummer and The Magician's Nephew is up on HollywoodJesus.com. Hope you enjoy it! Here's a snippet:

As we come to the end of our series of articles on The Chronicles of Narnia, I want to return to the attacks of atheist Philip Pullman on Narnia, which I dealt with in my first article. In his infamous assault on Lewis’ writing, Pullman says of Narnia, "It is monumentally disparaging of girls and women."... To anyone who has read the Chronicles, this is arrant nonsense. Flying in the face of this statement is the panorama of wonderful female characters who are the main heroines in Lewis’s stories. Read more...


Anonymous said…

this has nothing to do w/ this post, but I read elsewhere on the site that there will be an 'early edition' of The Midnight Dancers available at the Illinois Homeschool Conference. This MIGHT be the only one reason I urge my mom strongly to go- does this mean that the full manuscript, final-edition would be ready?!?! :)
regina doman said…
The rumor is true! If all goes well, it will be there! (I am sending it to the printers today). It might have some typos but otherwise it will be the real deal book!

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