Back from Steubenville

We had a great time at the Faith and Media Conference in Steubenville this past weekend. It was great to hear about the new technologies of audio and video podcasting. I really enjoyed meeting the folks from SQPN, including Greg and Jennifer Willits of Rosary Army and Fr. Roderick Vonhögen of The Catholic Insider. It was great to see folks from Lay Witness, the magazine of Catholics United for the Faith, which used to be my job before I was married. I also enjoyed meeting writer Emily Stimpson, photographer Don Tracy, and filmmaker Antonio Soave. And it was great to be at the Alma Mater again. See if you can make the next conference, scheduled for two years from now!


Leon Suprenant said…

I'm so glad you were able to meet some of the new staff at Catholics United for the Faith. Everyone from Madeleine Stebbins on down still fondly considers you part of the CUF family. God bless you!

Leon Suprenant
Mickey Addison said…
I enjoyed your talk for aspiring Catholic authors...thanks for that. You have given me inspiration to continue writing!

Mickey Addison
Weekly Columnist, Rosary Army

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