Catholic, Reluctantly on Amazon!

Catholic Reluctantly is now on! To buy it, click here. And could I ask a favor? If you've read the book and liked it, could you go to Amazon and post a short review? Those things really help! Thanks very much in advance!

I'm up at Steubenville now and getting ready to talk about "Writing in the New Millennium." Say a prayer for me, because I've lost my voice. :( And if you're in Steubenville, I hope you can come to the talk! I'm going to be talking about pointers for Catholic writers trying to get published in today's market. And I'll have copies of Catholic, Reluctantly on hand if you want to buy one.


Elenatintil said…
Congratulations, Regina!!!

Say- would you ever consider putting your writing talks into a book? (i.e. writing a book about writing)
Delaney said…
I'll be praying!

Yes, I would really like that, I'm really bummed that I'm missing this talk. Maybe even a series of articles about writing. :)

I'm going to be buying Catholic, Reluctantly as soon as I can (get my mom to do it). :D
regina doman said…
One of these maybe I will! However I'm actually paranoid about talking about writing, because what if I can't write books as well as I can talk about them? (I've heard talks on writing, then read the novels of the speaker and been disappointed before!) Maybe after I publish my fiftieth novel I will! :)
Unknown said…
I just finished reading the book and have posted my review. Incredible! I loved it and can't wait to help spread the word. Now my only problem is waiting for the sequel...
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to read the book :)

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