Lulu Reviews on Black as Night and Shadow of the Bear

Thanks SO MUCH to those of you who gave the book a review or a quick rating on! Now that the whole trilogy is online at Lulu, I want to beg your kindness yet again, and ask, if you have time, if you could visit those pages for The Shadow of the Bear and as of today, Black as Night, and add a review or rating if you're so inclined.

Just to make it easier, I'll put the links for all the books below:

Shadow of the Bear hardcover:
Shadow of the Bear softcover:

Black As Night hardcover:
Black As Night softcover:

Waking Rose softcover:
Waking Rose hardcover:

Again, thanks in advance!


regina doman said…
Wow! Thanks you guys! (Particular thanks to Clare and to Arianna - I see you took the trouble to review every single one! Wow!)

I was particularly flattered by John's review of Waking Rose, where he says the book is "sweeping our campus." :O I can only presume he means Christendom. I'm so glad: you Christendom students rock!
Anonymous said…
I hope the reviews help. I wish that I could give everyone I know a copy of the trilogy. Oh, and I have a bunch of questions about practically everything and I will try to post/ add them as soon as I can, but this is a school night, so hopefully over this weekend!


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