Waking Rose booksigning at Christendom College this weekend!

This Sunday, I wanted to let you know I'll be doing a booksigning of Waking Rose, Black as Night, and The Shadow of the Bear at Christendom College at St. Lawrence Commons. So if any of you are in the area, feel free to stop by! It's Christendom's 30th Anniversary celebration weekend as well.

I'll also have t-shirts to sell for the books. And if you bring a previously-bought book of mine along, I'll be happy to sign your copy.

What: Booksigning by Regina Doman
Date: September 16th, 2007
Time: 1 o'clock in the afternoon
Place: Christendom College, Front Royal, Virginia, St. Lawrence Commons

Hope to see you there!


Claire said…
Oooh, I wish I could be there! But Virginia is a little far from Illinois. :) I hope it goes great! Hey... can you come and do a booksigning in Chicago sometime?! I know you have plenty of fans here!
Anonymous said…
Aww I wish you could come to Australia and do booksigning!!!

Waking Rose = THE BEST!!!
Anonymous said…
I wish I had gone to Christendom this fall, just so you could have signed my copy!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Actually, I would have brought all the books along :-)

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