My Cup of Tea...

I had the chance to do a new kind of event my friends had dreamed up: a Fairy Tale Novel Tea Party! It was my friend Theresa's idea: she said to me, come to my house, bring your books, and I'll invite my friends to meet for tea and cake and we'll chat and have fun! We held the first ever FTN Tea Party at her house in Alexandria, VA, this past March, and we all enjoyed ourselves so much that we did another one at the Findley's house in Williamsburg, VA two months later!

So I've decided that, if you live within a couple hours driving distance of me (I live in northwest Virginia), let me know if you'd like to host a Tea Party of your own.  Hostesses can earn free copies of the Fairy Tale Novels or other thank-you gifts.  And if you see that I'm speaking at another event in your area, email me if you'd like to host a tea party of your own around the same time.


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