Alex O`Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves!

Alex O'Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves - a fairy tale retold by Regina Doman
Remember this guy?  He was first introduced in Waking Rose, but even first-time readers will quickly warm up to the sword-wielding Alex O'Donnell and his adventures with his nearly technophobic girlfriend Kateri Kovach, and yes, forty cyberthieves in this high tech thriller. 

Alex returns from college to find that his dad, a hacker-turned-software programmer, has developed the Mouse Catcher; tracking software with a cute Super-Cat interface.

But more ominously, his dad has discovered a mysterious website which leads to sudden wealth. But at what cost? Read the Prologue to find out more.

Samurai Security Cat  
Mouse Catcher
Other computerized cats are featured in the book, including the most unusual override computer protection program ever invented: an animated samurai security cat who prevents other people from using the internet until they have defeated him in a virtual swordfight.
Kateri Kovach 
Practical, hard-working Kateri Kovach is suspicious of all this high-tech hoopla and tries desperately to keep the O`Donnell family running smoothly, mainly by cleaning up after them. One of her biggest worries is finding a job and figuring out how to break up with Alex. Yet, she finds herself evermore immersed in the O'Donnell family activities - playing video games with Alex and his younger brothers Sam and David, caring for their mother suffering from MS, and battling the samurai security cat. Mayhem, martial arts, and murder ensue even as Alex pursues marriage with Kateri who wonders why she's letting herself be a part of the madness. But in the end, it might just be the anti-technological Kateri who saves the day... 
Curiosity Killed the Cat... Open Sesame



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