Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering (aka ReginaCon) - in Minnesota?

In June we held what some are calling ReginaCon 2010, but which I still prefer to call the Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering at our house (the Black Cat Inn) and on our property (Shirefeld) near Front Royal, Virginia. 

This year Elizabeth Hausladen took over the organization and brought our activities to a whole new level of creativity!  This year we had:
We met new friends, were reunited with old ones, and had a wonderful time!  Thanks to all of you who joined us, and to the parents who worked to make this event happen!

Fairy Tale Gathering 2011?
We're hoping to do the Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering 2011 in Minnesota, possibly in early June.
Right now we're searching in earnest for a family or group willing to host us for the weekend.

Got any ideas?

Email us now and let us know!

Thanks so much!


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