Joshua Michael, In Memoriam

Three years ago, on this day, my four-year-old son Joshua left this world for the next.

I still miss him so much.

My brother and sister just sent me this photo from baby Joshua's baptism. We didn't own a camera at the time he was baptized, so this was a gift our family truly appreciated.

In this photo, my husband Andrew holds Joshua for the final blessing by our parish deacon, Richard Demers. Deacon Demers had the unusual privilege of baptizing Joshua and then, four years later, giving the beautiful homily at his funeral.

Please remember our family in your prayers today. Thanks so much.


storylover said…
Your family will be in my prayers.
Minni-Mo said…
we'll be praying! <3
Elizabeth said…
I am praying for your family. God Bless.

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