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Harry Potter and the Sleeping Dragons Harry Potter and the Sleeping Dragons by Nancy Solon Villaluz

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I thought I couldn't learn any more about Harry Potter. NOT that I am an expert, but I'd thought that my several re-readings of the seven Harry Potter books, plus reading analyses of the books by Christian analysts John Granger and Janet Batchler (as well as other forgettable secular ones who were more concerned with fitting Harry Potter into the Hero's Journey or getting facts wrong in their rush to come out with a book to please screaming HP fans) had covered me. It took this book by Nancy Solon Villaluz to prove me wrong. Talk about the tip of the iceberg!

Once I signed on to her quirky style (which is laid on a little too heavily in the beginning: I got impatient, particularly with the autobiographical material, and nearly put the book down in the early chapters) the book revealed itself, like Dumbledore, to be more than just a funny old schoolmaster. I am pleased to have discovered this treasure. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, especially if you aren't convinced of its Christian roots, read this book.

If you're NOT a fan of Harry Potter, I'd recommend the books of John Granger instead, as Does Harry Potter tickle Sleeping Dragons? is really for the diehard fan who has exhausted herself reading the Septology over and over and is looking for something else to chew on. Read and enjoy tickling! PS: There is a planned sequel: apparently Ms. Villaluz has more up her sleeve....

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The Real Katie said…
Oh, fun! I'll have to check it out! Yay Harry! :)

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