Catholic Reluctantly for Bookstores!

Up until now, Catholic, Reluctantly has been a print-on-demand book, but this week I learned that sales are such that Sophia Press is about to do a traditional print run on the book and enter it into their bookstore program: hooray! This means wider distribution for us and hopefully more sales! I'd like to encourage readers who liked the book to ask their local Catholic (or secular!) bookstore to consider stocking Catholic, Reluctantly. It's distributed through Ingram.

Bookstores not on Sophia Press's regular bookstore program can click here for terms of sale and wholesale prices. For bookstore terms, for our terms). And any youth ministers or teachers who want to order the book for use in their classroom can get a discount for orders of 5 or more books. Email Sophia Press if you're interested!


Elizabeth said…
Awesome! I'll have to let my local Catholic bookstore know!! :)
Anonymous said…
There is a bookstore out by where I live. I'll have to ask them if they will sell the book at their store. We don't visit it very often though, but all ask the next time we are in if I remember.
Rosa said…
Hi Regina! Just stopping by to let you know I have a blog now. =)

I'm looking forward to reading "Catholic, Reluctantly."

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