Chesterton Press undergoing a change

In 2020, I closed the retail site of We had a long and rather awesome run as a retailer of fun Catholic fiction, sold a ton of books and met a lot of amazing readers. But one of my mentors had always cautioned me about getting involved in retail and publishing, pointing out that my real gifts lay in storytelling, and it was probably best not to spread myself too thin. I listened, but it didn't really register until I aged and tired (why does it always happen that way?). But about five years ago, it became clear that I really should start redirecting my energies to becoming an author again, instead of trying to remain a publisher / store owner / marketer / author / editor / project manager. I can't really get away from project managment: I enjoy collaborations too much!  And even as an author, you can't escape editing and marketing. But publishing was the one thing I could drop, and do I did. Retail marketing was the next thing to go. However, publishing has changed so much that my books are available wholesale through Ingrams/Spring Arbor, so bookstores can still order them (and they are available on Amazon). And I am exploring partnerships with Catholic retailers and publishers so that I can continue to create and manage projects for them. I do feel very blessed to have worked in publishing and retail, and I'm sure I'm not done for good. For now, will point here, until the next chapter begins.

Store owners & librarians, you can find my books on Ingrams. Email me if you need a set of the ISBNs. Thanks for reading! 


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