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My articles 1995-2008
It's rare now for me to write articles. But below is a resume of my past writings for newspapers and magazines, most of which are pre-internet, and some of which linger online still, though most are defunct. But I decided to post this list just to have it posted somewhere. If you are interested in reprinting an article, please contact me to obtain permission. Thanks! 
Prince Caspian: Can Hollywood Be Restrained? 
Suspense Drives the Book, Not Instant Gratification01/07/08
My take on the upcoming Prince Caspian movie is pessimistic, given Hollywood's poor handling of slow, suspensful stories like Lewis's second Chronicle.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Pastiche, Pullman, and Power
What Makes Lewis's First Fantasy Novel a Classic
12/07/07 www.hollywoodjesus.comThis overview of the first Narnia book examines Philip Pullman's charge that the book is simply Christian propaganda.
The Chronicles of Narnia: Taking Narnia Lightly
...Is Perhaps the Best Way to Take It

The first article in a series on the Chronicles of Narnia argues that Lewis' novels are best understood when they are not subjected either to dictionaries and encyclopedias of creatures, or to somber inspections for racism, sexism, and imperialism.
In Defense of Dumbledore
My take on one Harry Potter controversey, which also examines the Church's teaching on homosexuality.
The Catholic Fiction Problem is a Marketing ProblemWritten originally for Jim Manney's blog, I later gave a talk on this at the Catholic Marketing Network's Catholic Writer's Conference section.
I took some time to write this article on why Harry Potter should be acceptable to Christians, particularly Catholics, just before the publication of the sixth Harry Potter Book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
After Eden
From 2003-2004, I served as a monthly columnist for an ecumencial magazine, "After Eden" at I wrote columns, as well as responses to columns written by Pastor Mike Gunn of Harambee Church in Tukwila, Washington. My responses are below Pastor Mike's columns, and his responses are below mine.
National Catholic Register
"Abuses follow Oregon's Euthanasia Laws"
"Handicapped Rights Activists Condemn Right to Die Law"
"The Rite Switch: why Roman rite Catholics become Eastern rite"
Catholic World Report
August/September 1999 "Living With Death in Oregon"
Our Sunday Visitor
November 1, 1998
"Mainstreaming Pornography in the Movies."
National Catholic Register 
March 1-7, 1998, "Human Rights Abuses Mark Peruvian Sterilization Campaign."
February 22-28, 1998"Preaching the Gospel of Life," (report on HLI's Priest & Deacon Conference).
January 11-17, 1998
review of book on the Oklahoma City bombing.
Catholic World Report 
January 1998
"More than a Beach Novel?" (review of Pierced by a Sword by Bud MacFarlene, Jr.).
National Catholic Register
December 7-13
"After the Apocalypse: Real Life Stories," (review of Strangers and Sojourners by Michael O' Brien and Conceived Without Sin by Bud MacFarlane, Jr.).
New Covenant
May 1997
"You Oughta Pray With Pictures"
Nazareth Journal
December 1997
"Toys: A Strategy"
Our Sunday Visitor 
November 1996
Book review of Father Elijah by Michael O'Brien
January 7, 1996
"That They May Be One," Interview with the New York San Egidios Community
January 7, 1996
"A Good Book," review of Pierced by a Sword, St. Jude Media, 1995
New Covenant
December 1996
"The Passionate Life and Death of St. Stephen"
March 1996
"Sacramentals: What they are and How to Use Them"
YOU Catholic Youth Magazine
(for the column Answer Me!) 
September 1996
"Protestants: Who are they?"
May 1996
"The Saint Connection"
April 1996
"The Resurrection of the Body"
March 1996
"Mortal Sin"
February 1996 
"Looking at Mohammed and Islam"
January 1996
"Infant Baptism"
Catholic World Report
Aug/Sept 1995
"Asking the Wrong Question" (Book review of A Tremor of Bliss, ed. by Paul Elie, Harcourt 1995)
May 1995
"The Battle for the Imagination" (Book review of A Landscape with Dragons by Michael O'Brien, Northern River Press, 1994)
Our Sunday Visitor
June 1995
"The Simple Gifts of the Faith" Interview with the Bethlehem Community, North Dakota
New Covenant 
July 1995
"How I Pray Now: Reflections of a Second-Generation Charismatic"
Caelum Et Terra
Summer 1995
"The Seven Dress Wardrobe"
Franciscan Way 
Summer 1995
Interview with singer Allison Waldrop
YOU! Catholic Youth Magazine 
Nov/Dec 1995
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" ( for the column "Answer Me!")
Nov/Dec 1995
"Was Jesus Born on Dec. 25?"
October 1995
"Can You Leave the Catholic Church?"
September 1995
"Is there a Population Problem?"
July 1995
"The Pope"
May /June1995
"Can We Call Priests 'Father'?"
April 1995
"What does the Church Say About Divorce?"
March 1995
"Can Jesus' Sacrifice be Repeated?"
February 1995
"Is Reincarnation true?"
January 1995
"What is Bilocation /Levitation?"
New Covenant 
November 1994
"Is He Risen?"
Nazareth Journal 
Advent 1994
"The Little Mouse and the Most Important Person in the World"
Lent 1994
"A Kid's Search for Good Books" reprinted in Catholic Digest 1994 as "Good Books for Kids"
Franciscan Way
Fall 1994
"Franciscan Saints: Brother Juniper"
In Review: Living Books Past & Present 
Summer 1994
"Pancakes and Detectives: Nate the Great"
Caelum Et Terra
Winter 1994
"Requiem for the Things in My Trunk" 
Spring 1994
"Recapturing Worship"
Lay Witness
May 1994
"St. Maria Goretti: Example of Forgiveness"
April 1994
"St. John of the Cross: Courage Under Fire"
YOU! Catholic Youth Magazine (for the column "Answer Me!") 
Nov/Dec 1994
"Where's the truth -- in the Bible or with the Church?"
October 1994
"Apparitions: What are they all about?"
August 1994
"Did Jesus Have Brothers and Sisters?"
April 1994
"The Resurrection Debate"
March 1994
"Is the Creation Story True?"
February 1994
"Why Celibacy?"
Catholic Digest
November 1993
"Two Thomases, Twins in Sanctity" (reprint of "Twins in Sanctity," Lay Witness,
December 1992)
October 1993
"My Family, the Church" (reprint of "Sheltered in Christ," Caelum Et Terra, Spring 1993)
Catholic World Report
October 1993
"Mother Angelica Sounds Off" (with Philip Lawler, Helen Hull Hitchcock, and James Hitchcock)
Caelum Et Terra 
Fall 1993
"Shakespeare and Children"
Spring 1993 
"Sheltered in Christ: The Church as a Big, Rowdy Family"
Lay Witness
November 1993
"Youth Issue Petition to Counter Strange Stations of the Cross."
April 1993
"St. Robert Bellarmine: Witness of Peace"
March 1993 "Book Review: In Search of a National Morality"
Lay Witness
December 1992
"St. Thomas a Becket/St. Thomas More: Twins in Sanctity"
November 1992
"St. Elizabeth of Hungary: A Love Story"


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