A Cool Review of The Midnight Dancers

Here's an excerpt:
I wasn’t surprised at all to find a solidly good story with realistic Christian characters. I was surprised by the story in ways that… well, surprised me:

~ a main male character who reflected the self-sacrificial love of Christ.
~ a positive reflection of Protestants and Catholics with a refreshingly genuine Catholic character.
~ the presentation of Eastern medicine/martial arts blending with Western in a way that does not assume an unnecessary dichotomy.
~ a presentation of truth about the feminine and masculine woven in a way that’s bound to make certain modern feminists yearn for what they do not yet understand that they have missed.

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Tween Lit Crit!
PS: Notice the spiffy new cover on The Midnight Dancers?  I finally got a non-fuzzy photo. :)
And here's a short review of The Shadow of the Bear by Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy at Homeschool Blogger.com.


Rose Marchen said…
Wow! The new picture is really neat.
Tween Lit Crit said…
It's gracious to say thanks for a review, so while you're certainly welcome, I do think the thanks belongs to you for the effort it takes to write a book that we can happily share with our teens. I love your talent; I know it is a gift of God's, and I'm glad you cooperated with Him. For all the moms whose girls love your books (and there are an army of us): thank you, too.

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