Paper Dolls of the Shadow of the Bear!

This post is late, late coming, but I've been wanting to spotlight a book I released this summer with Chesterton Press: Fairy Tale Novel Paper Dolls of the Shadow of the Bear. How did this book come to be? That's an interesting story!

Years ago, a reader asked me if I would ever make paper dolls out of my characters, and I admitted that I'd never thought about it. Well, just this past year, I heard from Cassandra Stevens, a fan, who sent me a paper doll of Rose Brier that she had made, along with Rose's complete wardrobe, including peacock-patterned skirt, opera outfit, and prom dress! I was enchanted, and begged her to make more. She went on to produce a Blanche doll with appropriate clothes, and with some encouragement, dolls of Bear and Fish as well to round out the set.

I was delighted, and decided to produce a book for Fairy Tale Novel fans showcasing Cassandra's dolls. On Lulu, you can see a preview of the dolls and the clothes, but for the best-quality option, click here to order the book from us (it has a stiffer cover, and since the dolls are made to be cut out the cover, that makes a difference!).

I asked this talented artist (pictured left) to tell us more about herself, and she wrote that she lives on a farm in Central Minnesota with her family and an assortment of animals and pets. She writes that she is a voracious reader, and her "sketchbook reflects her current reading list."

When I met Cassandra's family this past summer, I was shocked to discover that they didn't own a single copy of the Fairy Tale Novels: she'd created the clothes from the books in exacting detail with a borrowed copy! Well, I quickly rectified that, and told her to pay particular attention to The Midnight Dancers, just in case she feels the itch to do another paper doll book. So be sure to check out Cassandra's work, and enjoy!


Rose Marchen said…
The dolls are simply lovely Cassandra!
Mack said…
The dolls are very nice! They looked exactly the way I pictured the characters.

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