In the Catholic Spotlight

Check out this fun interview I did with Chris Cash and Catholic Spotlight for Catholic Company today. We talked about the Fairy Tale Novels, editing books for Sophia Institute Press, and John Paul 2 High. I had a bit of a cold when I gave the interview, but aside from the hoarseness, I think I did okay. Click here to listen.

I also mentioned two new books that I edited for Sophia Institute Press, Bleeder, and the on-the-verge-of-being-published Awakening. I'll be spotlighting both books myself later on this week. Enjoy!


Kathy said…
Awesome interview!!!! I really liked it!!!

What ages are 'Bleeder' and 'Awakening' for?
regina doman said…
Bleeder is for adults (and perhaps older teens). Awakening is for perhaps 6th-grade on up. Enjoy!

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