On St. Max's Book

Since it's the feast of the Immaculate Conception today, I figure it's only fitting that I honor our Lady by a post on the very topic. From an email I received last week:

Subject: Maximilian Kolbe book?

Hello Regina, I listened to you last night on Life On The Rock. It was not only interesting, but inspiring! Plus, you have a great laugh!

During your appearance, you mentioned the Influence of Maximillian Kolbe and his explanation of Mary and the Holy Spirit. If I'm not mistaken, you mentioned the name of a specific book, either by St. Kolbe, or about him, that talks about this teaching. Do you remeber the name of that book?

Hi Pete,
Thanks for your email! So glad you enjoyed the interview on Life on the Rock.

About St. Max's book, there is a bit of a difficulty there, because the saint was working on his book when he was martyred by the Nazis: so the definitive theological treatise on Mary and the Holy Spirit he planned was never completed.

However, there are books written by others that attempt to summarize his teaching and what his book would have contained. I believe the official one is The Immaculate Conception and the Holy Spirit by a French Dominican: Here is the title on Amazon: it is a tiny little book, and I have no idea why they are charging so much for it.

However, perhaps Marytown would have a copy of the book for a more reasonable price. I think it was only about $7 when I bought it.

But for myself, I first encountered St. Max's teaching in an out-of-print book called The Spirit and the Bride Say Come: Mary's Role in the New Pentecost by Fr. George Kosicki and a co-author: here is the title on Amazon.

I am delighted that I could find it for you on Amazon: last time I checked, it was unavailable. And the price seems to be right. :)

Glad to pass on the word about my favorite saint!

Happy Feast of the Immaculata!
Peace and good


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