"Paul" responds to "his" book

Some of you know that I based Paul Fester (of Waking Rose and The Midnight Dancers) on a two of my friends (and several of my brothers!). One of the "Pauls" is my friend Ben Hatke, who probably gets identified more as Paul than the others because he juggles and loves ninjas (but he is not in the Army, or a med student, and he married a girl very much like Rose Brier). Ben read the manuscript of The Midnight Dancers ages ago, but he just read the published version this past weekend, and sent me this email. Thought you might enjoy it, and it made me laugh.

To: regina doman
Subject: You Ruined Everything!

Not really. But I did stay up till 1:30 reading your book. Even though I knew the ending -which must mean it's pretty good. And so this morning I woke up late, and grouchy and tired. You see the awful power you have over peoples lives? Please, please use it for good. Write books that are easily cast aside. I suggest a nice dictionary, or "how to" book.

Anyway, I enjoyed all the changes/developments -even though there were actually fewer differences in this draft than I expected there would be. So thanks! This is definitely my favorite of your fairy-tale series. I hope there is more in store! But, as you know, I am a sucker for ANYTHING with a batman-esque scene like where Paul disappears into the shadows and Rachel says "thank you" even though she's not sure if he's there or not.


Thanks Ben! I promise to use my powers for good, but of course that will result in a conflict of interest between being true to my talent and the public's need to finish their homework assignments.... ;)


Anonymous said…
lol!! That's hilarious!! I love it!!

The Real Katie said…
LOL that is funny. I have yet to read the Fairy Tale novel series, but I LOVE Angel in the Waters!!!


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