Hey! I'm on the Rosary Army Podcast!

If you've never heard the Rosary Army podcast, you're in for a real treat. Husband and wife team Greg and Jennifer Wilits have a weekly show about family life, the faith, and whatever comes their way. I met them at the Franciscan U Media and Faith conference: they're a great team and just darn funny! They podcast a weekly show out of the "Cloffice," their master bedroom closet. Anyhow, they just read The Shadow of the Bear and Catholic Reluctantly, and loved both of them. So they had me on to talk about the books, and even mentioned The Midnight Dancers. The interview was a lot of fun, and I personally just enjoy hearing Jen and Greg's joke and squabble on the air. Probably the best Catholic "radio jocks" out there! I'm on the second half of show #227. BTW a technical glitch ended the show early, but it was still a great interview. Click here to listen.

... there's also a great review of Shadow up at Steve McEveroy's blog. BTW if you read the review and liked the book, feel free to put a comment on the review. I think that really helps people to take the review seriously.

... plus watch for another review of the first three Fairy Tale Novels appears in this week's National Catholic Register.

Wow, this is the biggest "media blitz" I've ever had. And -- wow, my all-time sales rank on Lulu for Waking Rose just hit #101 and it is in the Top 100 Best Sellers for this week at #40! Hey, if you're considering buying the book as a graduation present, birthday present, gift to a teacher or a school library -- please go do so! Just a few more sales might push us into the top 100. Amazing!


Delaney said…
Wow, congratulations, Regina! :D That's really great. :)

Hmm... will you be able to post the National Catholic Register's reviews on your blog? We're not subscribed... :(
regina doman said…
I don't know if they'll let me do that or not. I'll have to ask.

BTW thank you, everyone! We just hit the top #100 - our sales rank on Lulu is now #99 "for all time" so far. :)

I like to think our book is hopefully enriching the atmosphere on Lulu: lots of the top sellers are pretty skanky books.
regina doman said…
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Claire said…
Regina,Congratulations on being #99! I just read the prologue and the first chapter of Midnight Dancers. I am so excited! My whole family can't wait till it comes out!
God bless,

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