I've Been InPersonned!

Just a note to say that the National Catholic Register ran an interview with me on their front-page column "In Person." I'm honored! The article is called Fighting Dragons (cool title) and if you subscribe to the Register, you can read it here. This past week was Catholic Colleges Week, so I think that's why they ran it with the subtitle "Catholic College Helped Author Face Crises." I actually haven't seen the article myself, but I've heard from some folks who enjoyed it. So if you get a chance, check out the Feb. 17th issue of the Register and let me know what you think!


Nancy C. Brown said…
Congratulations, Regina! This is a high honor.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I can't wait to read that. We get the register. I will keep my eyes out for that one.
God Bless,
Veronica said…
I read the register interview and was so impressed that I am passing it on to authors, unpublished and published here in the Pacific Northwest that I know. I have to disagree with you about secular publishing. The publishing world needs a better balance and Chesteron made Fr Brown famous. We need good books available to busy parents. I worked in a new/used bookdstore for 10 years and it was frustrating to see so many dumbed down books so easily available to children.
I hope you rethink that for the sake of children who need good reading material.
God Bless
regina doman said…
Thanks Veronica! I'm at a disadvantage here because I haven't seen the article and I don't know why I said about secular publishing that would distress you. I am going to guess that it might have been what I said about desiring to serve the Catholic market with my fiction. Maybe it sounded like I wasn't going to plan on pursuing getting my books into the secular market?

(I couldn't say that! Barbara Nicolosi would never forgive me!)

I'm sorry I wasn't more clear in the interview. I certainly wouldn't mind if any of my books were picked up by a large secular publisher. I have been on the lookout for an agent for quite a few years, but thus far haven't found one that thinks that the Fairy Tale Novels would find a welcome home with a secular publisher.

However, I think what I meant to say was, for most of my life, I had the idea that I wouldn't be "successful" unless I made it to the NY Times Bestseller list. But after Joshua died, we were so moved by the support of the Catholic community that I felt that if my books only make a couple thousand Catholic families happy, that'll be "success" enough for me.

But of course, every author wants to see as many people as possible enjoy her work, so I'll continue to work to sell more books and possibly the sales figures will convince publishers to take fiction with Catholic themes more seriously.

I actually do have plans for another series of books that would be interesting to secular publishers, but for now (the next five years) I hope to focus on building up the Catholic fiction market to get more books out there for faithful Catholics to read.

BTW, I encourage Catholic authors who come to me to write for a secular audience first because, as you said, Chesterton and the great Catholic writers all wrote for the general population. We need to be out there being salt and light and leaven to the world. That's our ultimate mission. The question is on what is the best strategy to make that happen.

I hope this makes more sense...?
Veronica said…
Thanks for clearing that up. So glad to hear your still in the struggle. I have a friend that can not get her wonderful story published because it is too clean! So many of these agents are young 20 year olds that have no clue that there are readers in the world who do like clean books. That is why regencys were so popular a while back. Keep up the struggle to make the publishers open the markets up more.
Bless you
Veronica said…
Amazon has some of your books and some used that are going for a high price. Need to get them reissued, I think.
regina doman said…
Yes, it boggles the mind that they are selling the first edition of my first book for $158.00 on Amazon!

To clear up the confusion, the first book in the Fairy Tale Novels Series was originally titled *Snow White and Rose Red* and was published with Bethelehem Books.

Then Bethlehem decided to put the book into paperback and change the title to *The Shadow of the Bear.*

They also published the second book, *Black as Night.* Then a few years ago Bethelehm decided to shut down their original fiction line (they specialize in reprints) and so turned down the third book, *Waking Rose.* After extensive discussions with Bethlehem, my husband and I decided to publish the third book ourselves, and Bethlehem agreed to give us the rights to publish our own versions of *The Shadow of the Bear* and *Black as Night.* So this is what we have done, through Lulu. We are still trying to decide if we are going to keep self-publishing, or sell the rights to another publisher. Because of that, we haven't purchased an Amazon distribution package.

Hence the books of mine that are on Amazon are either the remaining copies of the first editions of the books Bethelehm published, or copies being sold by Amazon merchants. But you can get all of my books directly from my website, www.fairytalenovels.com.

Confusing, I know!
Anonymous said…
Is there any way I can read the interview without subscribing to the Register?
regina doman said…
Right now, no. (If there was, I would have read it!) I'll see if maybe sometime they'll let me post it on my site...
Anonymous said…
CONGRATS REGINA!!!! My mom was reading the register and she goes "Hey look its Regina Doman" my friend (who also loves the books) and I freaked out and read it together!! You did a great job!! DO you think you would ever make a movie of The Shadow of the Bear and the rest of the series? And are you planning on writing another book to continue the story?
regina doman said…
Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed the article! About making the books into movies, read this post:


And yes, Book 4, The Midnight Dancers, is hopefully coming out early this summer! Say a prayer: I'm working on editing it right now. There's a post about it under "Frequently Asked Questions" on the sidebar of the blog if you want to know more about it.
Anonymous said…
I HAVE to remember the name of the book...I'm praying as hard as I can!!!

~~Grace a.k.a on the verge of tearing my hair out at the thought of having to wait until early summer..AAAAHHHH!!!

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