Fan Report: Fairy-Tale Sleepover

I was honored to find out that Amanda ("Lady Rose") and her friends had a Fairy-Tale Sleepover at her house in January. Check out the entry from her blog here. Cooking, drinking tea (but of course!) and posing for their own "coma" photos were among the activities (I don't know where you all come up with these things!). Enjoy!


Claire said…
What fun to see this here, and one of the many pictures I took during their sleepover! =) This is Veronica's sister and both hers and Amanda's godmother (Confirmation sponsor... they call me their "fairy godmother", actually!).

I think they're both giving up internet for Lent, so I'll say thanks on behalf of both! I'm sure they'll be as tickled as I was to see this here! :)
Anonymous said…
Actually it was at Miss Fishy's (Veronica's) house. And how we came up with the coma pictures, well... it was Sarah's idea, I think. (She is wearing the pink sweater in the picture.) If I remember correctly, Blanche and I, I mean Veronica and I were lying on the air mattress and Claire (our "fairy" godmother) was taking photo's of us 'sleeping', when Sarah came in and said "Let's take coma pictures!" Need I say more? But it was fun!
Three cheers for Regina Doman!
Rose Marchen said…
Tag, you're it! You have been tagged, now to find out what to do next, visit my blog! (, and read the post "Tag! You're It!")
Anonymous said…
It looked like a lot of fun. I wish that I had been there! (I am Amanda's sister)

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