New Revised Version of Shadow up!

Thanks so much to all of you who gave us feedback on the new edition of The Shadow of the Bear. You'll be happy to know that we accepted almost every suggestion you sent us. So we've replaced the Tenth Anniversary Edition of The Shadow of the Bear with the new Revised Edition. On the website, you can read the new first chapter (The first chapter has the most changes in it: we tried to eliminate the "slow beginnning" that's always crippled this book).
If you can, help us spread the word by letting your friends know about the new edition. It's a great way to introduce people to the series.
Thanks in advance for your help! And be sure to give us feedback!


Anonymous said…
Oh cool! I was hoping it would be out sometime soon, as I wanted to invest in a new copy!
I like the cover font, is it new? I know the Bethlehem version has different font. What is this font called?
Anonymous said…
I never thought it had a "slow beginning"!

I've always loved the beginning... :-(
regina doman said…
The font is from Fontcraft (The Scriptorium). I think it's Alleghieri.

And Anonymous, please read Chapter One and tell me if you think it's been changed for the worse! The new Chapter One is on the website at I hope that everything that you loved is still there.
Anonymous said…
I was worried about the first chapter like anonymous up there but now that I have read the new first chapter I like it. It flows better and is more understandable. Regina you do a great job!
God bless,
Anonymous said…
Since it is called the "Revised Edition," will the old edition still be available?
regina doman said…
Thanks Claire!

The old edition will only be available to those fans who specially request it.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Bear!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to say... I definitely liked the original opening MUCH better. :-(

But I guess that's what I'm used to... But I really didn't like this one. Too rushed. Too much information crammed together, I think. A little fake.

I LOOOOOOVE to original beginning!!!!

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