The Notebook is Now a Blog!

Well, as you have probably noticed, we're transitioning over to a new website at, and by readers' requests, I made my little notepad containting my updates into a blog, so you can comment, ask questions, and connect with other readers if you like.

Right now I am getting ready for the Midwest Catholic Family Conference, August 3-5 in Wichita, Kansas, where I will be speaking. I'll also be bringing along (hopefully!) a special preview edition of Waking Rose. Hope to see some of you there!

When I get back, I'll be preparing to officially release Waking Rose.


BTW, I've been so busy I haven't had time to announce that the Tenth Anniversary Edition of The Shadow of the Bear is available on You can order it in paperback for $17.00 or hardback for $25.

Black as Night should be available soon, in softcover for $18.00. You will also be able to order it in hardcover ($28.00) for the first time. I confess I edited this edition down: during the final editing stretch of Black as Night, I added a lot of content that, when I reread the book, seemed wordy and rambling and sometimes (gasp!) preachy. So this is a slimmer, trimmer edition that hopefully reads better. Joan Coppa Drennen, who drew the chapter headers for the original Snow White and Rose Red, created new chapter heads for this edition of Black as Night. I love how they turned out.

The Lulu editions are bigger than I would have wanted: a 6x9 size is all that was available for a cost-effective price, so the books are larger than the Bethlehem editions. I'm considering doing the next size down, which would make it a pocket-sized book, but still about the same price, just because a smaller book might look nicer. But whatever the size, hopefully the new editions will read just as well, and I hope you will enjoy them.

While Lulu has optional Amazon distribution, I choose not to do this at this time, and bookstore distribution is an iffy prospect. However, I am talking to Sophia Institute Press about taking over the series for me. But they warned me at the outset that it might be quite a long time before they could publish the books. That being the case, I decided to self-publish the trilogy as a set this summer because I knew that you all would not want to wait another year to find out what happens to Fish and Rose! And since Sophia Press won't be doing hardcovers, you can always buy the hardcovers from me, if you want them.


And for those of you who've asked, Catholic, Reluctantly: John Paul 2 High Book One will be available in September. Stay tuned!


Gabe Yank said…
Is there a way to pre-order 'Waking Rose'?
I am incredibly excited. The first chapter is Fantastic...:)
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad I can leave comments on your updates now! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I just bought The Shadow of the Bear and Black as Night and I am rereading them so that I can remember all the details when I read Waking Rose. My friends and I are counting down the days until it is published... thank you so much for writing such great Catholic fiction.

Anonymous said…
Yay! I can't wait for the books to be published... and I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a coordinating set!

May I make a suggestion? You might want to post an entry to your notebook saying you have a blog now. I had added the "Notebook" to my favorites, and only just checked to notice you had changed it.

Good luck at MCFC. I won't be able to attend, but last year was a blast!
regina doman said…
Hi Gabe!
I can't do pre-orders on Lulu but you don't have much longer to wait...

You're very welcome, Emily! I hope you enjoy the book!

And CoreyT, I'll see if I can leave a post on the Notebook page. Good idea!

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