The End of a Tale, A Change of Name...

Fans of my old site might have noticed that we've changed the domain to Why?

The reason is that, with the publication of Waking Rose, I've pretty much (sigh) concluded the stories of Blanche, Rose, Bear, and Fish which came out of the original book, Snow White and Rose Red: A Modern Fairy Tale. And as some of you know, I have a fourth book, The Midnight Dancers, which deals with another fairy tale and a new set of characters. (You'll understand more after you've read Waking Rose.)

So, even though I won't be writing any more Snow White and Rose Red stories (in the foreseeable future), I definitely have at least three, if not more, novels based on fairy tales that I'd like to publish. Two of them are already written, so in anticipation of publishing these other books (we hope to have The Midnight Dancers in your hands by Summer 2008), we've decided to change our domain name to We still own, and it will take you to the same site. But I'm trying to make the adjustment, after about ten years on the web, to writing and referring to I'm sure it will sink in eventually...!


Anonymous said…
*unearthly squeal* I love (and I mean love) retold fairy tales. I guess it's the little girl in me. So I am overjoyed to hear that at least 3 more such novels are going to be published!

God bless you!

~Miss Delaney
Anonymous said…
Hi Regina! this is Jacinta from Australia, I've emailed you quite alot. I'm so glad to see this blog and the updated website and all that. When I checked I got the shock of my life-- it was all so different and I nearly shouted for joy when I saw the release date of Waking Rose! You will be taking orders from Australia, right? I'm soooo excited but also sad about the ending of the tales of the Briers and Dennistons. It's almost like the ending of Harry Potter-- the ending of two of my favourite series of books, books I spent my teen years loving... Hehe! well at least we have new series to look forward to!

God Bless Regina and I can't wait to see all the further updates! :D I hope the family is well.
regina doman said…
Hi Jacinta! Yes, you can order the book on, and I'm pretty sure they ship to Australia! I'm excited to at last have you all able to write to me via blogpost too!
Care Bear Clare said…
I am so excited for Waking Rose to come out!!!!!!!
I have a question though will we abe able to purchase it from our local bookstore or will we have to order it online?
I am so excited!!!! Fish has always been my favorite character even when we first meet him at the park i liked him....i dont know why but i did adn still do and i am soooo excited for his story to be finished!
God Bless!

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