Blog Hop for Rapunzel Let Down

Author's Note: I'm participating in a "blog hop" for authors writing young adult fiction. While Rapunzel Let Down is technically adult fiction, the rest of the Fairy Tale Novel series is for young adults.

What are you working on right now?  A new series, for adults, based on the Bible. Been planning it a long time. It's kind of tough going but I find it really inspiring. It probably won't be Christian fiction: I'm planning on publishing it in the secular realm.

How does Rapunzel Let Down differ from other works in its genre?  Probably the Catholic angle. Plus it's very gritty for what would normally be considered Catholic fiction, since it's a story about the consequences of mortal sin.

Why do you write what you do? 
Because I love telling stories and retelling old stories with my own twist on them. How does your writing process work? I usually write by synopsis but sometimes if I'm stuck I do some freewriting. It's a hard process no matter what!

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