Habemus Papam Cover Art!

Wow!  So here's the cover art for my first-ever manga on the life of Pope Benedict XVI from MangaHero.  I love Sean's magnificent style.   His first draft for the cover was also good, but I like the more welcoming image of the newly-elected Pope Benedict.  Plus, this ties this cover visually to the short version of Habemus Papam by Gabrielle Gniewek which MangaHero did for World Youth Day.  My version is a 225 page graphic novel with a pretty cool appendix.  One small point: the cover is oriented towards the left, not the right, because Japanese books read from right to left, so this book will open "backwards" - that is, from right to left.  It's an interesting exercise to help compose a cover this way, especially since we Westerners still read the words on the cover from left to right. Seeing this cover brings home to me that the book is more than 75% drawn, and that we may just be seeing it in print soon!  


Unknown said…
Beautiful! I hope to read it soon!

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