Shadow of the Bear in POLISH!

I am pleased to announce the release of Shadow of the Bear in its first foreign translation: POLISH!

Yes, Cień Niedźwiedzia: Wspotczesna Basn is available now at Polish sites online.Since my husband is half-Polish and our family has a devotion to both Saint Maximilian Kolbe and Sister Faustina Kowlalska, both Polish saints, we were delighted when we were approached by the Polish publisher for this edition. When we discovered that they are the diocesan publishers for the Diocese of Katowice, the original diocese of Karol Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II, we were even more thrilled.

We just received six copies of the new edition in the mail today, and they are beautiful, with thick glossy covers and beautiful inside flaps, a detail not often seen on American paperbacks. The publishers did their own typesetting, including lovely sihlouettes of dark and light roses on the chapter headings:

And, what is even more charming, they used a dark rose to indicate sections in Rose's viewpoint, and a white rose to indicate Blanche's, as you can see from this section of the climax:

Thus we are very excited about our first foreign translation. To some authors, a Polish translation of their work might not be a big deal: a Spanish translation might yield a bigger market. But for me and my family, who owe so much physically and spiritually to the Polish people, having the first foreign translation be into the native language of John Paul II is simply fitting. One might even say perfect.

So if you have any Polish friends, please let them know about this new translation! And tell them that there's more to come: the publishers hope to bring out the rest of the "Snow White and Rose Red" trilogy as well within the year. Black as Night is up next for translation.

In the meantime, we have been contacted by a Spanish Catholic publisher, and I understand I have some Mexican fans who would love to see a Spanish edition.... I joked to my husband that we'll have to ask St. Josemaria Escriva (and Teresa of Avila and Blessed Miguel Pro) to help us out with that one!

And check out the : we had fun reading the Google translations. (There's no Amazon for Poland, but it looks like it can be ordered through Amazon Germany)


regina doman said…
BTW the publisher's website (Google translated) says "a book that was on the list 100 top-selling titles IN AMERICA IN JANUARY OF 2009, BY ONE OF THE AMERICAN WEBSITES!"

That's, I believe, a reference to the fact that The Shadow of the Bear was on our printer's top 100 list in January 2009. Since we switched printers, it's no longer on that list. (For a minute I was trying to figure out what the publishers were referring to!)
This is wonderful! Congratulations on your first translated edition!
Unknown said…
Totally, totally amazing!! Polish being the first translation, I love it! My family is 100% Polish, and we still have family in Poland. Your books are some of my absolute favorites, and I'm so excited that I can let my cousins know about it, and hopefully they'll enjoy the books as well! Simply incredible. Being Polish is, well to be perfectly honest, the best. :)
Rachel said…
Congradulations on your book. I wish I could read another language.
Amanda said…
This is so wonderful! Congratulations!
piesn said…
Where in the US can we buy this book? Any US websites? I think it will be great to read in Polish :)
stula said…
interesting book!!!
I greet the Polish:)

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