Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering This Weekend!

If you are local to me in Virginia, I just wanted to post the schedule for the third Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering, held at my home, which we call The Black Cat Inn and organized by Elizabeth Hausladen, moderator and founder of the FTN Forum and director of the Shadow of the Bear movie.

Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering 2010
Thursday, June 24th

9 AM Rosary

12:00 Angelus and lunch

1:30 writing workshop on fiction by Regina

3:00 Swimming at Shirefeld and hanging out

5:30 potluck supper (if you come for any meal, either bring a dish or snack to share or $ to contribute)

7:00 PM Talent night and concert by Marie Miller

8:30 PM The Importance of Being Earnest by the Shirefeld Players

Friday, June 25th

9 AM Rosary

10:30 Marriage vocation talk by Andrew

12:00 Angelus and lunch

1:30 Narnia Treasure Hunt (Please RSVP to Elizabeth H [writebymoonlight@gmail.com] if you want to participate in this costumed event)

3 PM Weapons demonstration (tentative time)

4:30 Film workshop by Elizabeth Hausladen (director of the Shadow of the Bear movie)

6 PM supper

7:30 Fairy Tale Character Mystery Party (to participate in this costumed event, email Elizabeth H [writebymoonlight@gmail.com] to RSVP)

Saturday June 26th

9 AM Rosary

10:30 Writing Workshop #2 with Regina

12:00 Angelus and Lunch

1:30 Thrift store shopping in Front Royal for girls/fishing for guys

3:00 Weapons demonstration (alternate time)

4 PM Supper

5 PM Mass at St. John's

8:00 PM Jane Austen Ball with music by the Randolph Family (please RSVP to Elizabeth H [writebymoonlight@gmail.com] to participate in this event: particularly guys are welcome!)

Hope to see you there!


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