Preview Edition of Alex available May 21st!!!

... So our entire family is working hard to make our Preview Edition Release Deadline for Alex O'Donnell, which, I'm delighted to say, will means that the Preview Edition of Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Hackers will be available for sale at the Dayton Catholic Homeschool Conference! So if you are in or near Ohio, and want you very own limited-edition copy of Alex, come to the Fairy Tale Novels table at the conference on May 21, 2010 and pick up a signed copy from me! The Preview Edition of my books are released specifically in honor of a particular conference (Waking Rose was released at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference of 2007, and Midnight Dancers at the Illionois Catholic Homeschool Conference of 2008) and bear a stamp stating this fact on the same page. They're highly limited-edition (we only run about 50 copies or less of each edition) and they probably all contain some typos, since they're released before we are able to do more thorough read-throughs. However, the Preview Edition is a chance for fans to get a first-look at the new book and to own edition that might someday (possibly) become highly collectible.

(We'll do another Preview Edition for the Minnesota Catholic Homeschool Conference on May 28-29th, but I won't be at that conference: Elizabeth Hausladen, director of The Shadow of the Bear movie will be manning the Fairy Tale Novels table. Those copies of Alex won't be signed, but they will be available.)

The official release date of Alex will probably be sometime in June: and this time we'll be able to take pre-orders. Stay tuned for further details!


Rose Marchen said…
Hurray!!! I wish I could go to there... so I can't wait for the release!
Unknown said…
So when will it be available online?
Anonymous said…
My school year's finally starting to wrap up, so with less school work to do, I've spent the last month on any website that could possibly have anything to do with the release of The fifth book (whose title I am *not* typing again, I've done that too many times this week). I finally found out Rose and Fish are going to be in it and nearly had a screaming fit - and I would've if my dad hadn't just gotten home all tired - since I love Fish to an insane extent (like my friends have thrown around the word intervention insane.)But anyway I've been thinking this for a long time and I have to ask. Is there any possible way there could be another Fish and Rose book? 'Cuz when I got to the end of Waking Rose I didn't want it to end (I reread it 6 or 7 times.)I know you've probably heard this a million times and it driving you insane, but it's something I'd seriously LOVE to read that I'm sure a lot of other FTN fans would.

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