Alex O'Donnell Photo Shoot!

Work on Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Cyberthieves continues!  I hope for a summer release date for this fifth installment in the Fairy Tale Novel Series.  Last night we held a photo shoot in Tariq's Oriental Rugs on Main Street in Front Royal. 
Our inveterate photographer Craig Spiering ( took over a hundred photos, which we'll get next week.  We've yet to decide on a model for Alex, so we took photos of several different Alex's.  My "violence expert" Andrew O'Neill was on hand to coach folks in their sword stances, and he was kind enough to pose for a few photos as well.

Here you can see Andrew O'Neill, the original inspiration for Alex's character, posing with a Japanese katana while Craig captures the action. Some gorgeous rugs in the background.
 Here you can see Angela, modeling for Kateri, talking with the owner, Mr. Tariq Khawaja, who was kind enough to let us hold a photo shoot in his store after hours. 
When we get to the point of shooting photos for the cover, that's a good sign that we're entering the final stretch for finishing a book!  So stay tuned for more word on Alex soon: and if you want the chance to pre-order, click the sidebar button to join my email list for the fasted updates on Alex!


Audrey said…
Yay! I can't wait for the book!!!
Claire said…
I'm just a wee bit proud, since Angela was my suggestion for Kateri! Isn't she the sweetest?

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