ReginaCon 2010!!

(aka Fairy Tale Fan Gathering)

As we've done for the last couple years, I and my family will be hosting another Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering for my fans June 24 - 27 (Thursday - Sunday) at Shirefeld at the Black Cat Inn, our home near Front Royal, Virginia.  Last year, the fans started calling the event "ReginaCon", thus the new name.

This year Elizabeth Hausladen (seated in front, wearing a white, flowered, full-length dress in the photo above) is helping to organize the event and activities.  Here are some of the activities planned or possible so far:

  • Our own adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest - by the Shirefeld Players
  • Other skits/Talent Night
  • Jane Austen Ball
  • Masquerade Party
  • Thrift Store Shopping at the best thrift stores in Front Royal! (for the women)
  • Fishing and/or Stone Masonry (for the men while the women are out shopping)
  • Writing Sessions with Regina
  • Marriage Vocation Talk With Andrew: Preparing for Marriage - How to Live Happily Ever After
  • Film Workshop - by Elizabeth Hausladen, director of The Shadow of the Bear film
  • Narnia Treasure Hunt
  • Weapons Demonstration
Please feel free to contact Elizabeth with any questions about this event.
FAQs about ReginaCon 2010
  1. Who's invited?  Any of my fans, their friends, or family.
  2. Arrivals and Departures. Generally speaking, guests that are driving are invited to arrive anytime after 9am on Thursday (June 24).  However, if you would like to arrive early, that's fine as long as you are willing to help us prepare for the activities.  For those guests that are flying into Dulles Airport, we will have two pick-up times: Monday evening (June 21) for those that are arriving early; Wednesday evening (June 23) for those that are arriving in time for the activities on Thursday.  For those guests making a return flight on Sunday (June 27), we will be making a run to Dulles Airport Sunday late afternoon/evening.  If you need to be dropped off or picked up at times other than the ones mentioned, you may need to coordinate with other fans or friends in the area.  There are simply too many activities happening at Shirefeld that we've had to limit the number of airport runs we personally make.
  3. Lodging
    1. THE BLACK CAT INN (our house):  We will be able to accomodate up to about 10 people in our house.  Pretty much, this is a first-come, first served arrangement.  To reserve your place at the Black Cat Inn, contact:
      Andrew the Innkeeper.
    2. SHIREFELD (our property):  We have plenty of flat space on our property for tents and camping right near the house. A family from Iowa camped in our front yard at the previous ReginaCon, and it worked out well.
      (ALLERGY ALERT: We have cats, chickens, sheep, and llamas.) 
    3. HOTELS: There are also a number of hotels in nearby Strasburg, Virginia
  4. Food - We are asking for a $25 contribution per person to go toward food, or you can bring the equivalent in food/drinks to share.
  5. Media - As much as we know that those of you who come to the gathering just can't help sharing it with all your friends back home, we're going to ask for limited use of cell phones, laptops, and individual movie watching during the gathering. This gathering is a rare chance for you to meet other fans face to face. We think it makes more sense for you to spend time with the fans that are here instead of constantly chatting, texting, and webchatting with friends someplace else.
  6. Attire - Since this gathering will include both men and women in the generally warm month of June, we are asking that both genders take some particular thought and consideration in dressing discreetly out of respect for the opposite gender.  Given that some of the activities include plays, skits, and masquerades, you are encouraged to bring costumes for those or purchase something suitable from the local thrift stores. Finally, please remember to bring proper attire for going to church on Sunday.
Again, please contact Elizabeth with any questions about this event.


rosaMaria said…
What a UNIQUE idea!...admire you very much for caring about young people the way you do...."c'est ci bon"!!.....RosaMaria, in New Jersey....
I've only read the first chapter of The Shadow of the Bear so I can't call myself a fan of yours (though I did like that chapter) but this event looks so fun! All of the activities are things I would love to do, so it's a good thing I couldn't go anyway because of distance. :) I'm still in shock about the face that you're only asking $25. Anyway, I suppose this comment is kind of pointless except to tell you that that looks like a great idea and I hope you all have a lot of fun!

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