Hey! I'm an Editor Now!

I just realized I never blogged about the job that I've been doing for the past year or so: mainly, being a fiction editor for Sophia Institute Press.  Of course, I've mentioned John Paul 2 High, but I just realized that I haven't mentioned some of the other fiction I've done for them, including the mystery Bleeder, and the hot-off-the-press teen fiction Awakening. So I'm posting links to the books, and I wanted to let you know that each of these books was carefully edited by me, just so you all would have more good Catholic fiction to read!  Catholic Reluctantly, Trepasses Against Us, and Awakening are all teen fiction, but Bleeder is for older teens and adults. Check them out by clicking on the links in this post, and happy reading!


Minni-Mo said…
Oh my goodness! Awakening looks so good! I just read the excerpt on the website! Awesome!
Tween Lit Crit said…
My daughter has read gobs of books, and while that sounds good to most parents, that also means she's a connisseur of the latest attention-grabbing fiction-weaving (not always a good thing). And she liked the Catholic Reluctantly book so much, she's asking for the sequel for Christmas. I feel even better ordering it since I know it's been edited by Regina.
Merry Christmas. (Hold that wish until the start of advent.) :)

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