This August: Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering II

I wanted to make a long-overdue announcement about the Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering this coming August 13 through 16.

What will we be doing? Here's the possible schedule so far. We are doing many of the events that were popular at the last Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering and including some new ones. Of course much of this schedule will depend on the weather and on the times guests need to arrive and depart. So we're flexible!

August 13, Thursday
- 8:30am-8:45am Scriptural Rosary
- Most of this day is an informal time for Regina, Andrew and their children to socialize and get acquainted with their guests.
- Dinner.
- 6:30pm-9:30pm Traditional Folk Music and Dancing with the Woodhouse Band. Meet Veronica Randolph, the model for the Black as Night cover

August 14, Friday
- Breakfast
- 8:30 AM Mass...for those who would like to go. (St. John the Bapist Catholic Church)
- Second Breakfast.
- Scriptural Rosary.
- Depending on the weather, possible canoe ride down the Shenandoah River
- Lunch
- 3:00pm-3:15pm Divine Mercy Chaplet.
- Picking peaches at Hartland Orchard
- Dinner
- 6:30pm-9:30pm The Miller Sisters Concert
Meet Marie, Carol Lynn (model for Rachel from The Midnight Dancers cover), & Theresa Miller who will play Christian music for us.

August 15th, Saturday
- Option for 8:30am Mass.
- 2nd Breakfast
- Scriptural Rosary.
- Hike up Buzzard Rock. 2-mile hike. (George Washington National Forest)
- Lunch and rest.
- Divine Mercy Chaplet and Crowning of Mary on the Feast of the Assumption.
- Swordplay and juggling with the Cor Guys featuring some friends who were models for the Sacra Cor students from Waking Rose
Preparation for Lord's Day supper and celebration
- 5:30 Saturday evening Mass option for travellers
- Lord's Day Supper & Celebration.
- 6:30pm-9:30pm MYSTERY THEATER. The Pirates of the Caribbean meet the Princess Bride - The Urn of Gravagna. (Come in costume!)

Sunday, August 16th
- Mass at St. John the Baptist Church
Note: Mass Times are 7:00 am, 8:30 am, 10:45 am (Novus Ordo Mass, Latin) and 12:30 pm (Tridentine Mass, Latin) We will probably attend the 8:30am Mass, but others may go to one of the other Mass times listed above. Of course, the non-Catholic attendees may go to a church of their denomination, but they are also quite welcome to come with us!
- Visit to Joshua's grave.
- 1:00 Brunch and guest departure
- For any guests who remain, weather permitting, we might have games, swimming, and picnic at nearby Elizabeth Furnance Picnic Park in George Washington National Forest.
- Farewells to departing guests.

Click here to see more details, also available at

For details about lodgings, contact Hope you can make it!


Rose Marchen said…
Ahh! I wish i could go, this sounds so fun! Well, who ever goes MUST take pictures and put them on the forum... especially of the mystery theater thing!
MK said…
OHHH it sounds like so much fun.......I wish I could go and I thought there might be a chance but it is the week before my family is taking my brother to school at Christendom........I hope you have fun, whoever is going!

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