Reviews of my Books...!

Just wanted to let you know about two blogs that have reviewed the Fairy Tale Novels!

The Damm Family Blog has posted wonderful reviews of the first three books: here's an excerpt:

These novels are geared toward teens (14+), but I thoroughly enjoyed them. They were a meaningful distraction during my hectic days as a wife and mother. What I loved about them? They are simply excellent stories with excellent character development. The characters are real—ordinary people embracing extraordinary circumstances—in genuine, caring relationships. You wouldn't mind knowing them in real life, or having your children know them. Ms. Doman does a beautiful job of weaving the Catholic faith into her stories, eloquently, without being preachy; the characters live their faith in real, everyday ways. The handling of various issues, even sensitive ones, is done very honestly yet discreetly. Read More...

And Against-All-Heresies gave a cracking review of Catholic, Reluctantly, the first book in the John Paul 2 High series I created for Catholic teens. Though the book is not written by me, I am its proud midwife. Here's a section of that review....

You really should order it here. You will not be sorry.

...I enjoyed reading them just as much as my daughters did. This book does not shy away from real issues. There are no pollyannas here. The characters are so real that you want to reach out and text them. Or IM them. They are people you would like to have as friends. They are people we would like our teenagers to be and maybe people that we wish we had been. Read More...

BTW to answer some concerns, a message was accidentally sent out from Sophia Press to the effect that Book 2 will not be out for another six months. I am pleased to say that we plan to have the book out a lot sooner than that! But as for a firm date, I don't have that yet. Let's just say we will be working as hard as we can to get it into your hands around Eastertime. Pray for us!


The Real Katie said…
Hi Regina! I reviewed JP2 High on Shakespeare and Showtunes, too. :)

And I'm planning on reviewing the Fairy Tale Novels soon :)
You have a blog award waiting for your wonderful fairy tale novels :)

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