The First Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering a Success!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed having the fans who came over our house for the first-ever Fairy Tale Novel Fan Gathering. Though I was really unsure as to how it would work out, I am so glad everyone had fun! I was rather glad that the main attraction wasn't really 'meeting me' so much as "meeting other fans," and for that, I have to thank all of you who came at being so welcoming and inviting to one another!

Elizabeth, who as "Elenatintil" blogs and runs the Fairy Tale Novel forum, posted updates about what we did on her blog. (She's also making the student film of The Shadow of the Bear.) Check out her writings about the week!

So are we planning on doing it again? Well, there will be another fan gathering in St. Paul, Minnsota on Sunday April 26th: email me if you want details. And Andrew and I are talking about doing another gathering at our home sometime this summer: probably just an extended weekend this time. So stay in touch and let me know if you want to be updated about the next one!


Clare said…
I've been following Elena's blog, and it sure looks like you all had a great time! I was sorry I couldn't make it. The April gathering probably wouldn't work for me, as I have other travels scheduled around that time, but possibly the summer.

I do hope you start a tradition of a summer gathering. Chances are I'll be at TAC next year, so summer would really be the only possibility for me.

Glad you all had a great time!
Elenatintil said…
We all had such a wonderful time, Regina! Thank you so much for hosting us! I can't wait to see you and Andrew again in April!
TooShea Films said…
Sounds like it was a ton of fun! Sadly, I live in Michigan and couldn't attend. :( Where was the last Fairy Tale Gathering at? Will you ever have one in Michigan? I know you have a TON of fans here that would love to attend!

Anonymous said…
yeah! Come to Michigan!
Anonymous said…
From what I have read it sounded like you all had fun.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much Regina! I had SUCH an AWESOME time! Give the kids a hug for me!

Can't wait to see you and Andrew in April! :)

Lanta said…
Oh, I so hope you decide to host another one in the summer, Regina!! I wanted to go so badly to this one, but I would have been carpooling with Gabbie (you met us both at Marc's funereal, remember?) and that fell through. :(

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