Waking Rose reviewed at Binnorie O Binnorie

Check out this review at Rosa's blog, Binnorie O Binnorie: if you like it, feel free to comment! Here's an excerpt:

One thing I love about Regina is that she doesn't feel the need to bombard the pages of her books with explicit details about painful subjects. Instead, she handles the situations with grace, providing the reader an insight into the pain that the character is experiencing rather than the details of the event which acted as a catalyst to the character's internal struggle. Fish is now one of my all-time favorite literary characters. His struggles are so hurtful that I felt actual physical pain as I read the book.
Written by a devout Catholic homeschooling mother, The Fairy Tale Novels are memorable reads, full of epic plots, real characters and Christian truth.


Rosa said…
Thanks, Regina!

I'll review MD once I read it, too!

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